Subnautica Below Zero: Where to Find Marguerit Maida’s Base and Pilot’s Last Known Position

As you explore through the frozen seas of Subnautica Below Zero, you’ll get a signal labelled “Pilot - Last Known Position”, the only indicator you have on how to find the base of the exoskeleton-wearing outlaw Marguerit Maida. We’ll show you where to find Marguerit Maida’s base and the safest way to get there from the Pilot Last Known Position signal.

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Where to Find Marguerit Maida’s Base in Subnautica Below Zero

To find Marguerit Maida’s base in Subnautica Below Zero, players have to use the Pilot - Last Known Position signal as a starting point and deduce where to go from there, though this isn’t easy. Maida’s base is very deep underwater and without certain equipment and a lot of caution, you’re likely to be killed either by monsters or drowning before you get there,

Equipment You’ll Need to Reach Marguerit Maida’s Base

Assuming you don’t yet have any depth upgrades for the Seatruck or Prawn Suit, you won’t be able to reach Marguerit Maida’s Base without heavily damaging both. Her base is very deep down, so you’ll need the Seaglide, as well as a Rebreather and Upgraded Oxygen Tank, both of which we’ve linked to in our pages accordingly. It is theoretically possible to make it without all these things, but it’s incredibly hard and really only possible if you’ve done the route before.

Pilot - Last Known Position Signal Location

The signal labelled “Pilot - Last Known Position” marks a starting point for tracking Marguerit’s position, and it’s located in the biome to the South-East of Delta Island known as the Lilypad Islands. This is a fairly dangerous area, filled with predators who can do a lot of damage if provoked. If you have the Seatruck, take it there while staying close to the surface, watching for predatory fish along the way. Most will leave you alone if you don’t get too close, so don’t feel afraid to detour around enemies.

When you get close to the signal, you’ll see it’s marked about 170 meters down with no clear direction of where to go next. Bring your Seatruck down as deep as it will go, watching out for predators, make sure you have the Seaglide, Rebreather and High Capacity Oxygen Tank, and take this route.

Subnautica Below Zero Pilot Last Known Position
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This dark lilypad (and it really is dark down here) marks the opening of the tunnel to Maida's location.

Where to Go From “Pilot - Last Known Position” Signal to Find Marguerit Maida’s Base

  • Looking down at the seafloor, you should see a decaying giant lilypad hanging over the edge of some risen ground, as marked in the image above.
  • Under that pad is a large tunnel full of colourful plants and Sea Monkey nests. Take the Seaglide into that tunnel.
  • Immediately turn right so that you’re facing North. There’s a small tunnel ahead of you - follow it as far as it goes, until it eventually begins to curve down and Northwest.
  • Follow this curve. You should see some artificial lights on poles stuck into the ground, as well as some oxygen plants you can use to get more air.
  • These lights form a trail you can use. Follow them directly down, heading West and then Southwest.
  • Around 320 meters below sea level, you should see Marguerit Maida’s base ahead of you, with some dialogue alerting you. Head to the square Moonpool section, there’s an entrance on its underside you can use to come up in and get some much-needed air.
Subnautica Below Zero Marguerit Maida Base
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The base is a three-building structure waiting deep below the surface.

Once you’re inside, heading through the door in the Moonpool will take you to Maida herself, prompting a little dialogue and a sense of your next objective. Of course, you can also find a special upgrade for your Seatruck, the full details of which we’ve outlined here. Or you can find the most well-hidden artifact in all of Below Zero right here, the Alien Statue.

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