Subnautica Below Zero: Rebreather Location and How to Dive Deeper

If you’re planning on diving to the deeper parts of Subnautica Below Zero, you’ll need a Rebreather, a device used to help conserve oxygen as you get further below sea level and allow you to breathe longer. We’ll show you how to find the Rebreather's location here and how you can craft it for yourself.

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Rebreather Location in Subnautica Below Zero

The Rebreather’s location in Subnautica Below Zero is actually in the Twisty Bridges biome South of the Drop Pod, but it’s a little more complicated than that. The Rebreather here isn’t a physical item, but merely a blueprint you can collect and use at a Fabricator to craft your own Rebreather.

Where to Find the Rebreather Blueprints

To find the Rebreather blueprints, take a fully-charged Seaglide and head to the deeper Twisty Bridges South of the Drop Pod. If you’re using the PC and can check coordinates, you’re looking for: -371, -171, -318. There you’ll find a databox on a little sunken tech site with the blueprints inside.

Subnautica Below Zero rebreather location
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The Rebreather is down in this rather ominous area of the Twisty Bridges.

If you’re playing on console and can’t check coordinates, that’s fine, as you can use the Emergency Supply Cache beacon as a reference point. Check the image above; you see that the Cache should be roughly 410 meters away to the North-by-Northwest. Once there, use the Seaglide or Seatruck to dive straight down, avoiding the local predatory fish.

The little tech site is obvious when you see it - it’s a white platform covered in lights - but it might not be obvious from the surface as it’s quite deep and covered by a lip of rock. It’s also 170 meters below, so you’ll need to be fast to avoid drowning, ironically. Head straight down, checking around you to see the platform or avoid monsters. Once there, it’s the glowing blue box you can interact with. Do so, and you’ll have the blueprints permanently!

How to Craft the Rebreather

Once you have the blueprints, you can craft the Rebreather at the Fabricator with the following:

  • Wiring Kit (1)
  • Fiber Mesh (1)
  • Silicone Rubber (1)

It’ll automatically be equipped in your inventory in the PDA from that point, but can still be removed or put back on if you want to.

Subnautica Below Zero Rebreather crafting
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The actual materials needed to craft the Rebreather are pleasantly easy.

How to Dive Deeper

Now that you have the Rebreather, you’ll be able to dive deeper more effectively. Though the Rebreather doesn’t actually give you a better oxygen supply (you’ll need an upgraded tank for that), Subnautica does increase the amount of oxygen you use up once you dive below 100 meters, so you burn through it faster and drown more easily. The Rebreather’s purpose is to effectively remove that penalty and keep your oxygen loss at a steady rate, so you can spend longer time at deeper depths.

Did you know that the Rebreather can also be used in crafting to make a Snowman? It’s true, though to make it you have to scan the Snowman at Outpost Zero, which we’ve outlined the location for here. Or check out how to make your very own Seatruck vehicle here.

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