Does Subnautica Below Zero Have Multiplayer?

Does Subnautica Below Zero Have Multiplayer

Does Subnautica Below Zero Have Multiplayer

Subnautica Below Zero is out, and offers a fresh take on the oceanic survival gameplay pioneered by the first game, with an arctic backdrop and a whole new map to explore. But with so many survival games these days having online co-op, people are asking: does Subnautica Below Zero have multiplayer to match the current trends? We’ll answer everything you need to know below.

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Does Subnautica Below Zero Have Multiplayer?

No, Subnautica Below Zero does not have multiplayer, and as far as we know there’s no indication that it will have it at any point in the future. Both Subnautica games are very much built on solo experiences, with a focus on the perils of being isolated, and threats that are balanced for a single person. They also have a greater story element than games like Valheim or Don’t Starve, which means that talking with other people would probably cause you to miss an integral part of Subnautica Below Zero.

Will Subnautica Below Zero Have Multiplayer?

No, the developers have been incredibly clear that there will be no update to Below Zero with multiplayer or co-op in the future, but that doesn’t mean that there couldn’t be Subnautica with online play at some point. In an interview with PCGamesN, Art Directory Cory Strader said “I would imagine we would be rethinking those things, at least the multiplayer side of things, if we do future a Subnautica game.”

No guarantee then, but it seems like it’s a possibility for future games - just not Below Zero or the original Subnautica.

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