Subnautica Below Zero: Gold Location

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Subnautica Below Zero will have you on the hunt for Gold before long, an integral part of certain crafting recipes, especially technical ones like Computer Chips. We’ll show you where to find Gold and its location, including the best place for farming Gold too.

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How to Get Gold in Subnautica Below Zero

You can get Gold in Subnautica Below Zero by breaking the rounded, brown “Calaverite Outcrops” that appear in certain, little nodules of sandstone rock attached to stone surfaces in certain biomes, both above and below sea level. By smashing one with the interact button, there’s a 50% chance it’ll drop either a piece of Gold, or a piece of Titanium.

That’s the most common way to obtain Gold, but you can also obtain it from large Gold Deposits found at certain points in the game and broken down with the Prawn Suit Drill Arm, in Ore Veins, or as a random item given to you by Sea Monkeys.

Gold Location

Gold Calaverite Outcrops are found in many biomes around the map, but the easiest thing for players to do early on is head South from the Drop Pod towards Delta Island. About 100 Meters or so North of the island you can find Calaverite Outcrops with Gold in them fairly reliably, using the Seaglide to skirt around quickly and avoid any predatory creatures in the area.

Subnautica Below Zero Gold location
The cave on Delta Island is a fantastic place to rack up gold.

Farming Gold

The best place to farm Gold itself isn’t that far from the area above. Rather than stopping short, actually go onto Delta Island and climb to the little two-building outpost at the top of the hill. Just to the right of the outpost is a path marked with lights leading South. Follow it around the outside of the island to a cave that’s completely filled with Calaverite Outcrops. You can easily come away with 10-15 Gold Pieces, more than enough for whatever short-term crafting goals you have. We also found that by coming back several in-game days later, the outcrops had respawned, giving a second chance to mine them all over again.

As you progress through the game you’ll need the Snowfox hoverbike, which you can learn how to craft here. Or check out how to get to the hidden area full of useful items, Outpost Zero, right here!