Subnautica Below Zero: Lead Location

Lead is an important crafting resource in Subnautica Below Zero, used to create sturdy equipment and powerful vehicles. However, where to find Lead isn’t easily worked out. We’ll show you Lead’s location here and where you can get it for all your crafting needs.

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Where to Get Lead in Subnautica Below Zero

To get Lead in Subnautica Below Zero players can have the best chance by checking the small, breakable rock nodes. Specifically, they should look for the “Galena Outcrops”, a jagged, dark, flinty version that looks somewhat like a piece of coal. When broken, they have a 50% chance to drop a piece of Lead, so by chipping through these you have a decent chance of finding them. Alternatively, scanning this little node will tell you what material is inside, though with the time this takes you might as well just crack it open and check.

Lead Locations

Now you know to check the Galena Outcrops for Lead, you need to know where to find these rock nodes. They’re actually found in multiple biomes across the map, usually in most of the mid-to-late game underwater areas, but some will be easier to reach than others. Here’s our advice on how to find Lead:

  • From the starting pod, head South for roughly 500-1000 meters, depending on your spawn.
  • You should reach the deeper area of the Twisty Bridges biome, marked by long, curling “bridges” of plantlife underwater.
  • Dive to about 50 meters or further.
  • From this point, check any rock surface - walls, the ground, overhangs and caves - for Lead Galena Outcrops.

As mentioned, there are multiple areas that can have these outcroppings, but this is the easiest one to check early on in the game, especially if you have a Seaglide or other vehicle. There’s also a small chance to get Lead from the Sea Monkeys that drop random items, but the odds of it aren’t anything like high enough to make it worth the gamble.

Lead is used in all sorts of items, including the Seatruck vehicle that can be its own mobile base. Or check out how to get to the hidden area full of useful items, Outpost Zero, right here!

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