Rune Factory 5 Character Locations in Rigbarth

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Image of Alice riding a Wooly in Rune Factory 5.

The inhabitants of Rigbarth are varied and pleasant, so this Rune Factory 5 character locations list will show you exactly how to find them! Sometimes it's easy to lose track of where each character is, so we've compiled the normal homesteads of all the main NPCs.

In this guide, we'll chart the places you can often find most of the townsfolk in Rigbarth, on top of which people are most often found in which area. We'll also go over the best places in the town to find NPCs, so you can tick off a bunch of your daily conversation requirements in one fell swoop. That's before exploring why some buildings in Rune Factory 5 are conspicuously empty when you first arrive in Rigbarth.


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Table of Contents

Rune Factory 5 Character Locations

Character name Common location
AresS.E.E.D. HQ
AliceS.E.E.D. HQ
LiviaS.E.E.D. HQ
ScarlettS.E.E.D. HQ
TerryTerry's Detective Agency
MurakumoThe Blue Moon
SimoneRigbarth Clinic
LucyRigbarth Clinic
JulianRigbarth Clinic
RandolphSweet Hearth
YukiSweet Hearth
DarrochTrue Strike Smithy
PalmoStudio Palmo
Lyka (double check name)Studio Palmo
HeinzThe Crystalabra
LudmilaCutie Rose
MartinMartin and Cecil's House
CecilMartin and Cecil's House
PriscillaElsje's House
ElsjeElsje's House
LucasLucas' House
BeatriceBelfa Ruins
ReinhardBelfa Ruins

See the table above for a comprehensive look at where you're most likely to find each of the Rigbarth townspeople in Rune Factory 5. Of course, they may not always be in these spots, as each NPC has a daily routine where they go about their business and leave their regular spots. Therefore, you won't always find these characters in these precise spots, but it's a general tool to use if you need to know where someone could be.

Image of the map of Rigbarth in Rune Factory 5

What Are the Best Locations In Rigbarth?

In terms of places with the largest amount of NPCs, you'll want to head to areas like S.E.E.D. HQ or the Rigbarth Clinic. S.E.E.D. HQ is the place you call home, with characters like Livia and Scarlett always there to give the protagonist a new mission. The clinic is also where you'll find Simone, Lucy, and Julian. If you need to tick off some NPC conversations in one quick go, it's always a handy location.

Are There Any Empty Rune Factory 5 Locations?

When you start out in Rune Factory 5, you'll notice that a lot of houses are completely derelict. You can't go inside them, and they show up on the map as 'Vacant House'. As you progress through the main quest and new characters like Scarlett rock up, they slowly take over the spare plots of land. Therefore, while the map may initially appear a little sparse when you first start your adventure, it'll fill up in no time.


That's it for our Rune Factory 5 character locations list! Hopefully, with this newfound knowledge, you'll now be able to meet all the residents in this cosy game. Elsewhere, we've got a Dragalia Lost tier list if you want to dive into Nintendo's soon-to-be-defunct mobile game, as well as an AFK Arena tier list if you fancy trying a mobile RPG.