Viking Simulator Codes - Free Coins and Pets

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Scouring the land for the latest Viking Simulator codes? We certainly don't blame you. Developer Sellout Studіos' 2020 hit has just received a major update, causing the game's player base to jump massively over the past week.

If you're not in the know, this one's a medieval action game where you can "pillage the lands as a mighty Viking raider, gather plunder, travel to different kingdoms, and become the mightiest Viking of all time!"


Naturally, you'll be needing some freebie codes if you plan to jump in for the first time, and that's exactly why we've put this handy list together. If you're looking for more Roblox guides, we've got lists of the latest Shindo Life codes, Pet Simulator X codes, and even All Star Tower Defense codes.

All Working Viking Simulator Codes

  • Austin Is Awesome - Free pet
  • DefildPlays Is Awesome - Free pet
  • MILO IS AWESOME - Free pet
  • RazorFish Is Awesome - Free pet
  • UndoneBuilderIsAwesome - 500 coins
  • VIKINGS - Free pet
  • WARRIOR - Free pet

It's currently unclear as to when the next code will arrive. This list was last checked on October 3, 2021.

Expired codes:

There are currently no expired Viking Simulator codes.

Three Vikings set against a grey, stormy sky.

What Are Viking Simulator Codes?

Viking Simulator codes are your standard Roblox freebie codes handed out by the game's developer. In this case, redeeming codes will most likely net you a free pet or even some handy coins. They're a handy way to progress quickly, especially now that the game's player base has once again exploded in size.

How Do I Redeem My Viking Simulator Codes?

Thankfully, the steps to redeem your newly acquired Viking Simulator are fairly straightforward. We've laid out precise instructions down below to remove any uncertainty from the process.

  • Start up Viking Simulator via the game's official Roblox page
  • Click or tap on the Twitter icon on the right side of the screen
  • This will open the code redemption box
  • Copy and paste a code from the list above into the box, then redeem it
  • Find your rewards within your inventory

How Do I Get More Viking Simulator Codes?

Unfortunately, Viking Simulator codes don't come along all that often. The game first launched back in 2020, and since then, we've only seen a handful of new codes arrive.


That said, interest in the game has recently skyrocketed thanks to a major update, so more codes may be on the way soon enough. Be sure to check back with our list to stay in the know. You can also follow the game's developer on Twitter for any updates.