The best Roblox Squid Game games

Screenshot from Squid Games on Roblox, with characters lying defeated

Screenshot from Squid Games on Roblox, with characters lying defeated

Squid Game is the one of the biggest Netflix TV shows in recent memory, so we’re counting down the best Roblox Squid Game games. If you've finished binging the show and want nothing more than to take part in the trials yourself - minus the risk of death - then these Roblox versions of Squid Game will whet your appetite perfectly.

These Roblox games take the gritty survival minigames of Squid Game and bring them to mobile and PC, providing hours of tense entertainment. The good news is that they’re all relatively popular too, so you’ll never struggle to find fellow contestants to battle. So have a browse, pick your game, and enjoy the battle to win the Squid Game.

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Here are the best Roblox Squid Game games

Screenshot from Squid Game for Roblox, with contestants facing off against guards
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Squid Game

First up is the most popular Squid Game adaption on Roblox, made by Trendsetter Games. In expansive lobbies, you tackle the minigames made famous by the Netflix show. You start off with a tense game of Red Light, Green Light, pacing across a desert while averting the gaze of the ominous child’s doll.

Perhaps the most tense experience in this Roblox game is seeing your rivals die right next to you, with corpses constantly strewn across the landscape. That’s before mentioning the horrifyingly tense night mode, where lights go off in the dormitory, and each contestant has to fight for their life. It’s probably the closest any Roblox game comes to capturing the Squid Game experience, and it’s a solid choice if you don’t know which one to pick.

Screenshot from Shark Game, with a Roblox player losing on the Red Light Green Light minigame
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Shark Game

Next up is Shark Game, which also has all the classic Squid Game modes like Red Light, Green Light and Marbles. It’s quite inventive in how it handles the Marbles minigame, forcing you to use your avatar to push other characters out, though the controls can be a little imprecise. Red Light, Green Light is great fun though, with obstacles strewn across the landscape for you to avoid.

The main advantage of Shark Game over the other entries are its rapid load times. While other games will have you waiting in pre-game lobbies for several minutes, Shark Game only takes a matter of seconds between rounds. This helps keep the gameplay fresh and players on their toes. However, in this game, the lobby votes for which minigame comes up next, rather than being randomised. This can sometimes lead to certain games repeating too often, which isn’t as fun.

Screenshot from Squid Game: Red Light Green Light, showing the dormitory pre-game lobby
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Squid Game: Red Light Green Light

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This Squid Game experience on Roblox is slightly more limited than previous entries on the list. That’s because it focuses in on just the Red Light, Green Light minigame, rather than trying to adapt all of the possible tasks. It’s not necessarily a problem though, as the mode is still fun - and if you just want to give this task a go, you’re guaranteed to play it in this game.

However, you'll be waiting in lobbies for a good while before you get to play, as wait times are long, despite pre-game lobbies being consistently full. In fact, it took us upwards of five minutes to get into a match, despite sitting in a rammed lobby, so you’ll need to brace yourself for a wait. There are points where you’ll really struggle for the game to start, even with a full lobby, and that isn’t ideal for quickly hopping into the action.

Screenshot from Fish Game, with a Roblox player facing the ominous yellow doll from Squid Game
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Fish Game Day 2

This is probably the most graphically impressive Squid Game experience on the list, with giant bunk-beds, detailed textures, and faithful recreations of the show’s design. All the classic levels are here too, but its biggest strength is the movement. Fish Game Day 2 lets you sprint much faster than other entries, making minigames even more frantic.

It also cleverly utilises spontaneous environmental minigames like the first game on this list. You’ll be waiting in a lobby one minute, then sprinting to escape a rising tide of instant-death water the next, which certainly keeps you on your toes. Other levels pastiche classics like Hole in the Wall, all making for a quick-paced Squid Game experience.

Screenshot from Squid Game X, with players running to avoid the big doll in the middle of the course
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Squid Game X

Last on our list is Squid Game X, another popular Roblox game. This one seems to be frequently updated and tweaked by developer Redifi, with levels taken in and out of rotation to keep things fresh. Equally exciting is the promise of a new update that’ll let you play as guards, ensuring contestants are following the rules. That’ll no doubt set the stage for some tense and adrenaline-pumping interactions.

From a gameplay standpoint, it’s a lot more of what you’d expect - but it’s all very well polished and enjoyable. There are four game modes to choose from, but the standout feature is how the game uses progression. You get rewards for completing a round that you can spend on cosmetics or skill boosts, giving you more incentive to keep playing. While it might leave newbies at a disadvantage, it’s a mechanic that more dedicated players will enjoy. The lobby slowly whittles down, like party battle royale games such as Fall Guys, making for a very refined Squid Game experience.

There you have it - five Roblox games to check out if you want even more Squid Game action. Enjoy the games, and do your best to be the last one standing!

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