Slayers Unleashed breathing - all styles, odds, and unlock levels

Image of a Roblox anime character in Slayers Unleashed.

Image of a Roblox anime character in Slayers Unleashed.
March 31, 2023: We've begun the process of adding new Slayers Unleashed breathing styles released over the last few months. Check back soon.

When it comes to kitting out the perfect powerhouse, Slayers Unleashed breathing styles are at the forefront of your loadout. These techniques and your characters' knowledge of them dictate the skills they're able to use in battle. And we've listed them all to make finding your preferred one that little bit easier.

Despite how many chances you get to reroll your Slayers Unleashed breathing styles with Slayers Unleashed codes, there aren't too many to choose from. And while that should make deciding on your main a relatively simple task, it can increase the urge to try them all out and then struggle to reroll back to the one you want.

Before we go listing all the Slayers Unleashed breathing styles available in this popular Roblox game, why not pick out your next adventure with our Roblox guides hub? If you just like to claim freebies, Roblox codes, Project Slayers codes, and Shindo Life codes are all coming in fairly regularly.

Slayers Unleashed breathing styles

Breathing Style
Common (40%)
Dark Thunder
Uncommon (15%)
Uncommon (10%)
Uncommon (10%)
Uncommon (10%)
Rare (8%)
Rare (8%)
Rare (6%)
Rare (6%)
Rare (4%)
Very Rare (4%)
Very Rare (2%)
Blue Flame
Unobtainable (Halloween only)
Ultra Rare (1%)
Unobtainable (Christmas only)
Uncommon (10%) OR Guaranteed (100%) for Kamado - Unlocked by fighting Yoriichi
Common (85% - Tsugikuni) OR Uncommon (50% - Tokito) - Unlocked by beating Tsugikuni Kokushibou

Up above, you'll see a table showing each of the 17 Slayers Unleashed breathing styles available, your odds of obtaining them through any means, the various moves they can use, and the stat points needed to unlock said moves. The information provided here is sourced from the official Slayers Unleashed Trello for the sake of convenience.

What are Slayers Unleashed breathing styles?

If you're not familiar with the Demon Slayer show this game is based on, the idea of a Slayers Unleashed breathing style probably won't make much sense. Allow us to explain.

Though you'll sometimes see Slayers Unleashed breathing simply shortened down to "breath", we wouldn't blame you for thinking these powers involve breathing elements in some form—breathing fire like a dragon or water like a Pokémon. And while each given element does come into effect with these, Slayers Unleashed breathing styles actually relate to the breathing techniques used to enable certain swordsmanship techniques.

Slayers Unleashed breathing styles control the tricks you can combo with your sword. Without them, you won't stand a chance as you progress through the game and fight tougher targets.

How do I change my Slayers Unleashed breathing style?

You can quickly change your Slayers Unleashed breathing style by spinning for a new one. Like most Roblox games, there's a gacha element in this one that locks certain skills and abilities behind pure luck of the draw.

Though you can spend Robux to spin for new breathing styles, you can use the ever-growing list of Slayers Unleashed codes to get free rolls as well. Just type the relevant codes into the chat box until you land on the Slayers Unleashed breathing style you want.

The Slayers Unleashed Breathing skill tree is used to unlock more abilities.
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How do I unlock new Slayers Unleashed breathing skills?

Once you've landed on your preferred breathing style, you'll need to start investing your stat points to unlock its skills. To do so, tap the menu button, then tap the icon on the radial menu that looks like a blocky tree. This should bring up the skill tree menu.

Skills unlock in sequence as you earn more stat points—typically done by leveling up—so expect to unlock more skills as you grow in strength and take down more enemies. Find the tree that matches your Slayers Unleashed breathing style and put in the points to unlock each new skill.

If you focus on a single Slayers Unleashed breathing style right from the start, you'll be able to unlock its entire skill set in no time. But if you work on multiple, spending points on skills you ultimately don't need, your new skill unlocks will take longer, as each level requires more and more experience points.

What is the newest Slayers Unleashed breathing style?

The latest (and perhaps greatest) Slayers Unleashed breathing style is Stone.

Stone breathing was added to the game during the Christmas 2021 update. It has a 1% drop rate when rolling and requires the use of a Flail and Axe to use. It's three forms Upper Smash, Rapid Conquest, and Polar Stone require 100, 150, and 200 stat points respectively to unlock.

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