Shinobi Life 2 elements tier list (April 2024)

Shindo Life Elements Tier List and Rates - Best Element for April 2024

Shindo Life Elements Tier List and Rates - Best Element for April 2024
April 8, 2024: We've tweaked things slightly to reflect the game's recent name change.

Looking for the latest and best Roblox Shinobi Life 2 elements tier list? You’re in the right place. Shinobi Life 2 is one of the biggest titles in Roblox. The ninja-inspired RPG has attracted a lot of players throughout the years. The developers also added new elements over time, so it may be hard to pick from the roster. We’ve ranked the best elements to use so you can breeze through enemies with ease.

Read on to know how strong your chosen element is and how it stacks against other people. Pairing a less-than-stellar element with a top-tier Bloodline, for example, is counter-productive.

As you might expect, there's a great deal of subjectivity to our ranking so make sure to use everything to fully make up your mind. The elements you choose to kit your character out with will ultimately play a major role in your combat skill.

Shindo Life 2 elements tier list - What is the best Shinobi Life 2 element?

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Right now, the best Shindo Life elements are Acid and Stone. While Acid can be difficult to get due to its 1/80 rarity, Stone—an element that tops the Shindo Life elements tier list—can be acquired with ease thanks to its one-in-five rarity from the primary spin method through the main menu.

What are Shinobi Life 2 elements?

Now that we've covered the best and worst Shindo Life elements, it makes sense to cover what they actually do.

Basically, these are the powers that give each character access to the skills they wield in battle. And with so many Shindo Life elements around, there are a crazy number of possibilities and ways to build your perfect battle ninja.

For the most part, anyone can equip two Shindo Life elements at a time. This can be done even before you drop into the open world. You'll need to level up to earn the skills and attacks they eventually unlock, but over time, you'll flesh out your action bars with stacks of the skills afforded by your two Shindo Life elements.

How to unlock more Shindo Life elements in Shindo Life.
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How do I unlock new Shinobi Life 2 elements? - Shinobi Life 2 element rates

Stone, Flame, Shock, Liquid, Air
Acid, Cement
Shiver, Combustion, Gale
Chaos, Order
Yin, Yang, Prism

You can unlock your first two Shindo Life elements as soon as you launch the game for the first time. It's not super obvious, but if you tap the down arrow twice to access the 'Edit' screen, you can tap the 'Element' text around your soon-to-be character and get your first two Shindo Life elements by tapping the spin buttons beneath each slot.

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You can get more spins by using the latest Shindo Life codes and can spin as often as you want until you land on your wanted element. Once the spins complete, drop into the game and your character will possess the equipped elements. And when you want to switch, just head back to the 'Edit' menu and spin again.

You unlock additional Shindo Life element slots through the cheats menu.
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How do I unlock more Shinobi Life 2 element slots?

You're not restricted to just two Shindo Life elements at a time. If you're willing to part with some Robux, you're actually able to unlock two additional slots, allowing you to equip a total of four Shindo Life elements at a time.

To do this, head back to the main menu and tap into the 'Edit' screen by hitting the on-screen down arrow twice. From here, tap into the 'Elements' section by your character and click either of the two empty slots.

If you'd rather unlock more Shindo Life element slots in-game, open the main menu while in the overworld (press 'M' on PC), tap into the 'Cheats' menu near the bottom, and tap either of the first two options to unlock a third and fourth slot respectively. Your third and fourth Shindo Life elements and their unlocks will appear on the second page of the 'Elements' tab in-game.

We're not going to pretend that this is everything you need to know about Shindo Life elements right now. Over time, we'll grow this guide to include why exactly the Shindo Life elements list looks the way it does, how often it may change, and why you may not want to follow it. We'll dive deeper into which skills unlock, what they do, and which are actually worth grinding for.

If you are deep into this ninja-inspired RPG, then you probably know about Shinobi Life 2 codes. Nevertheless, we've got more guides for you, such as our Shinobi Life 2 tier list and the Shinobi Life 2 spawn times. If you're just looking for more Roblox, maybe you will like Roblox Project Slayer Codes and our Project Slayers clan tier list.

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