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roview, roblox

roview, roblox

Looking to enhance your Roblox experience? If so, then you'll definitely want to use Roblox extensions such as Roview. While they may not revolutionise the gameplay within the user-generated platform, they can be really useful in freshening things up a bit.

In this Roblox guide, we'll explain what the Roview plugin is, as well as what it does to change your Roblox experience. On top of that, we'll explain how you can install it to your device, as well as looking at some other equally handy Roblox extensions to use.

What is Roview on Roblox?

Roview, or Review Extension Roblox, is a free-to-install browser add-on for Google Chrome. It's especially handy for those who play a wide variety of Roblox games.

That's because the Roblox Review Extension displays a game's user rating on the game page. Therefore, before you dive in and try a Roblox experience out for yourself, you can see what other players think of it.

This can be a really handy extension to streamline the time you spend looking for a new Roblox game. With thousands of user-generated experiences out there, it's no surprise that some won't hold up against the big hitters like Pet Simulator X or Slayers Unleashed.

However, it should be noted that the review scores on each game don't come from Roblox itself. Instead, users head to the Review Extension Roblox site, where they can input their score on the latest games. As such, it doesn't have too many user reviews to form the aggregate score, but it's a handy add-on nonetheless.

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How do I install Roview on Roblox?

Installing Roview or Review Extension Roblox is a fairly easy process, though there are a few caveats. Firstly, it's only available on the Google Chrome browser on PCs. As such, mobile Roblox players won't be able to use it. Equally, if you're using any browser other than Chrome, the functionality simply won't work.

As long as your system fits the criteria, head to the plugin's page on the Chrome Web Store. Click Add to Chrome, and it should appear alongside any other plugins in the top right of your screen. Simply click the jigsaw icon, select Roblox Reviews, and sign in with your credentials to start rating experiences.

With the plugin active, any Roblox game page you visit on Chrome will display its review rating just above the Play button. As such, you'll always be able to see how other players found the experience.

What other Roblox extensions exist?

Of course, a platform as popular as Roblox is home to plenty of other beloved plugins to streamline the experience. Here are a few choices of other ones that may aid your Roblox playing experience.

The first one is called Ro-Customize, which lets you change the visuals of the Roblox dashboard. The changes are purely aesthetic so this won't appeal to everyone. If you want something different to the regular white backdrop on the Roblox website. You can grab that here.

Our other pick is called DashBlox, which lets you add custom options to features to the homepage that don't exist in the current layout. This includes the ability to use profile avatars from years gone by, as well as online statuses and 'last seen' metrics. Again, they aren't game-changers, but are certainly nice features to have.

That's it for our look at Roview and other similar Roblox extensions! For even more on Roblox, check out the latest Penguin Tycoon codes and Blox Fruits codes for all the freebies you could ever need. We've also got a look at the best Roblox games overall, if you want some new games to test out.

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