Ro-Trigger codes (February 2024)

Screenshot from Ro-Trigger, showing a Roblox character wielding a sword

Screenshot from Ro-Trigger, showing a Roblox character wielding a sword
February 9, 2024: Ro-Trigger codes should be coming faster than expected. A new developer (who can code) has taken over the project, which should speed up the release schedule.

Get set for Ro-Trigger codes. Though the game is far from released right now, we've got all the freebies you'll need in this upcoming Roblox game, based on the hit anime World Trigger. Though the game isn't out just yet, there's no better time than the present to brush up on the game, and prepare for plenty of codes that'll no doubt be coming our way very soon.

Our Ro-Trigger codes guide will run through any and all freebies currently available in the game's pre-release state. We'll also take a look at the roadmap to the game's ultimate release, before also exploring a few places to check for new codes in the future.

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All Working Ro-Trigger Codes

  • There are currently no working Ro-Trigger codes yet.

Expired codes:

  • There aren't any expired Ro-Trigger codes at the moment.

How Do I Use Ro-Trigger Codes?

We don't have the precise code redemption details for Ro-Trigger quite yet, as the game isn't live so it'vs impossible to test. While we'll provide more concrete instructions on how to use Ro-Trigger codes in the future, but here's how we expect it to go:

  • Boot up Ro-Trigger, via the Roblox game page or the mobile app.
  • Look for a settings menu, which is most often denoted by a cog icon.
  • Within, there should be a codes section with a text box.
  • Type a code from our list into the text box, and hit Redeem. If the code is valid and working, you'll get a message detailing your new items!

What Are Ro-Trigger Codes?

At the moment, we don't know exactly what any future Ro-Trigger codes will do. Since the game isn't out yet, it's hard to predict what in-game collectibles and currency will appear, so it's a little bit of guesswork at this pre-release stage.

However, don't be surprised if Ro-Trigger codes provide in-game currency. A lot of Roblox games use codes to grant free coins or power-ups, so players can purchase upgrades, skill boosts, or even exclusive cosmetic items. There's nothing quite like an exclusive set of armour to mark yourself against your rivals, right?

Of course, this is speculation, because Ro-Trigger isn't live on the Roblox platform just yet. When it is, though, we'll be sure to update this section with detailed information on exactly what your codes will be able to unlock.

How Do I Get More Ro-Trigger Codes?

When the game does eventually release, you can imagine that a lot of Ro-Trigger codes will release in quick succession. As such, we've compiled a few places worth checking, so you can keep on top of any new codes as they drop.

First and foremost, you'll want to keep tabs on the Roblox game page. They aren't there yet, but codes will likely appear in the description. There's also a Discord server, and Twitter page, that are definitely worth following to join in on discussions before its release. The only other source available at pre-release is the game's Trello board, which is worth joining if you want to brush up on characters, classes, and weapons prior to launch.

What Is the Ro-Trigger Release Date?

As of February 7, 2022, it seems like Ro-Trigger will release in the very near future. As per the game's Discord, applications for game testers are open now, suggesting it's nearing a state of completion. The testing phase should be live for late January and early February, so based on that, the game should be out by March 2022. That isn't too far away now. We'll update with the proper release date once we know it.

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