Project Slayers Final Selection - Start times, quests, and locations

Two Project Slayers characters fighting.

Two Project Slayers characters fighting.
April 26, 2023: Following the game's first big update, get your Final Selection tasks done to get off on the right foot.

No matter what you're doing when it comes around, Project Slayers Final Selection is a server-wide activity you really shouldn't miss out on. Like other Demon Slayer-inspired games on the Roblox platform, it's the one event that really tests the build you've put together, and it basically the whole reason why you'd want to grind through the levels in the first place.

But getting involved in the Project Slayers Final Selection event isn't always as straightforward as you'd expect it to be. You need to be in the right place at the right time, and even at the right level. For that, we've consolidated the information you'll need down below.

What is the Project Slayers Final Selection event?

Final Selection in Project Slayers is a long, tough quest chain that's generally designed to be taken on by small groups of players. If you can party up with a couple other demon slayers, you'll have a much easier time reaping the rewards of this particular in-game event.

Completing the event lets you join the Slayer Corp. It's basically the start of the rest of the game, with anything up to Final Selection being little more than a glorified tutorial.

The Project Slayers Final Selection NPCs.
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It only kicks in at specific times, though, so you'll need to check out the Project Slayers Discord linked above to keep up.

How do I start Project Slayers Final Selection?

To start Final Selection in Project Slayers, you first need to reach level 15 as a Human. This could change with future versions of the event, but the one on July 16 stuck to this rule. For how to get there at speed, check out our Project Slayers Beginner's Guide.

If you meet those requirements, you can follow the list on the map points view to reach the large shrine where Final Selection takes place. YouTube user Xorify has a good video guide on how to get there from Kiribating Village. It's quite the walk, so make sure to start your journey well ahead of schedule.

Project Slayers Final Selection quest list

Quest one

This one just asks that you find Beth. It should be easy enough. Use the Project Slayers map if you're struggling.

Quest two

Now that you've found Beth, she'll ask that you find her katana.

Quest three

For this one, Johnny will ask that you kill ten Sakurai Demons. He notes that they're generally the weakest of the lot, so it shouldn't be too difficult.

Quest four

The fourth Final Selection quest tasks you with finding an apple, strawberry, and banana for follow quest runner Ouwbae.

Quest five

Brandon wants you to fight seven Yowai Demons. He says he can't take them by himself, but he also won't actually help you complete the task. Talk about being carried.

Quest six

Mannyy wants you to kill five Heikin Demons. They're a pain, but he won't help either.

Quest seven

While you're helping Many, you'll notice Steve pop up in the corner asking for help as well. Here's where things get tricky: he wants you to take on a Hand Demon. It's a Tier 10 mob with 3500 HP, so make sure you're prepared before you rush in.

With that done, head back to the Final Selection starting point to complete the event and get your rewards.

Project Slayers Final Selection rewards

For successfully completing the Project Slayers Final Selection event, you and your team will be granted your Slayer Corp uniform.

Now that you're in the organisation, you'll be to climb the ranks with future quests.You'll start at Mizunoto rank, but you'll get an Ore at the same time, which you can use to buy things in place of Robux. You'll also get a Kusugai Crow.

For even more on the game, check out our Project Slayers codes page. We're getting one or two new codes per day on average right now. And to help your build, check out the Project Slayers tier list. And if you haven't already, get the Project Slayers Trello link and Project Slayers Discord link as well.

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