Pet Simulator X secret doors - How to unlock the Cat Throne Room in Pet Simulator X

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The secret door in Pet Simulator X.
November 12, 2022: A new secret door has appeared. Here's what we know about the Cat Throne Room.

Wondering how to unlock the Cat Throne Room in Pet Simulator X? You're not the only one. Not long after a secret door was added for the Hardcore update, another was added, hiding the Cat Throne Room behind it.


The new Pet Simulator X update has landed, bringing the exclusive Hardcore mode to the game. Though it's the focus of the update, a bunch of little secret doors have appeared throughout the old worlds as well, creating confusion among the players who struggle to find them or just can't open them.

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Where is the Cat Throne Room secret door in Pet Simulator X?

Because of what exactly hides behind it, the latest Pet Simulator X secret door is in the Cat World. You can get here via the Void Area. Just teleport there, head down the staircase, and then walk up the bridge labelled #3 to reach the Cat World.

You'll find the Cat Throne Room secret door in the cat taiga inside the fountain.

How do I open the Cat Throne Room secret door in Pet Simulator X?

Once you've found the Cat Throne Room secret door, you'll need to pay 7.5t (that's trillion) coins to crack it open.


What's in the Cat Throne Room secret door in Pet Simulator X?

Inside the Cat Throne Room secret door is a new Royal Egg costing 5.3b coins a pop. Crack one open to get two free huge pets, including the new Huge Green Balloon Cat.

After that, you'll want to make a start breaking open the Giant Throne Chest. What's inside that is anyone's guess, but expect it to take a long, long time to break.

Where is the Hardcore Mode door in Pet Simulator X?

The Harcore Pet Simulator X update actually brought two secret doors to the game. The one featured in the preview video had a padlock on it, but it opened immediately for the host and apparently banned them for going in.

In reality, the door is locked for most players and actually leads to a new hoverboard.

You'll find it in the Spawn World Shop, which is the first teleport on the list. Head down toward the breakable items and you should see a purple house on the right with a padlock across its door. That's the new Hardcore Mode Secret Door in Pet Simulator X.

The secret door in Pet Simulator X's Glitch World

Shortly after the update landed, players found another secret door as well. This one isn't as hard to unlock, but harder to spot.

You'll find it in the Glitch Shop (teleport there via the menu) at the very top left next to the Glitch Eggs. Get close enough, and you'll be able to hit E to open the door. It costs Diamonds and coins, and features two new Glitch Eggs you can buy behind it.

The Hardcore World entrance in Pet Simulator X.

How to unlock the Hardcore Mode secret door in Pet Simulator X

To unlock the Secret Door in the Hardcore Pet Simulator X update, you have to do one simple thing: unlock the Hardcore World.

To do that, you need to have reached the Void World (where you'll find the Hardcore World teleporter disguised as a skyscraper at the bottom of the stairs) and have 25 percent of the Mastery page unlocked as well - which means levelling a bunch of Mastery skills if you haven't already.

Once you've hit the requirements and walked through into Hardcore World, you can teleport straight back to Spawn World Shop plaza and open the door without throwing down any coins or diamonds.

Behind it, you'll find a new hoverboard to collect, making it potentially one of the easiest (but longest) ways to get a hoverboard if you don't want to spend Robux on the privilege.

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