Mount Maki codes - Private servers for June 2024

Image of two Mount Maki pedestals in Shindo Life.

Image of two Mount Maki pedestals in Shindo Life.
May 30, 2024: We've checked if there are new Mount Maki codes.

In search of the newest private Mount Maki codes? There are many thrilling regions to explore in the popular ninja-themed Roblox game, Shindo Life. Mount Maki is one of the most exciting releases in the game. Since its release, the mountainous region has captured the community’s interest due to its enthralling sceneries and uncharted areas. Naturally, players are eager to find working Mount Maki codes. With hidden zones and tough enemies to face, Mount Maki will be an exciting adventure for those who want to enter it.

The newest Mount Maki codes are found below in this Shindo Life guide, allowing for exclusive access and easy exploration. These private server codes are the best choice if you would like to explore Mount Maki privately.

For even more, check out our Shindo Life codes for all the freebies and bloodlines you could ever want. We've also got Project Slayers codes, as well as other more general Roblox codes.

New Mount Maki codes (June 2024)

  • dS5Hmr
  • 3u8hZZ
  • Lk3V3Y
  • tD8LgF
  • FKtKCL
  • B8rqLm
  • Mf00dQ
  • _uNII5
  • FFEJfb
  • uynkHU
  • MgWBkB
  • -o5uWt
  • _y80UW
  • 7iygc
  • 7eziVO
  • EX6_Pb
  • wZrRK3
  • MfyScj
  • 3iXiQe
  • tfYHYZ
  • 5vudv3
  • ECS5_D
  • GBWSZv
  • nHF6Kd
  • 6wl4H2
  • m2thK_
  • j66WI3
  • gMVCaU
  • 0SGWhf
  • yRmac5
  • 7iuWZI
  • CHZX8Y
  • 99szdy
  • 9ndyRi
  • ueWesE
  • LvFDKx
  • ZB9wFi
  • GgyhTp
  • pV7nUD
  • x1DJDw
  • 4wyfCz
  • 99232o
  • S1bq6f
  • isvyIN
  • pHNYMU
  • glwydI
  • igQBoY
  • OCxHHx
  • gt2hCF
  • 3yc0jU
  • YXiF1r
  • t_JoXs
  • YMrGeP
  • ZUH3TD
  • PkUpK7
  • cDBZHE
  • Rg45CP
  • RUuU36
  • OOo6r-
  • iVfqj3
  • ThoCIY
  • -HyMJ3
  • tHKZwY
  • VNbyb6
  • iBbo87
  • 0kTTzQ
  • x6RGht
  • UFAZ6m
  • 07tJJj
  • 0n__oP
  • 4ZKsjN
  • zQ_5Ea
  • udhsSP
  • 9gdQmp
  • LyTzNn
  • -vjVhQ
  • m1y3uJ
  • lLu00O
  • 145SNX
  • vVULeI
  • 0qOAQ-
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  • C7hVgD
  • KUdoRF
  • aMKxAw
  • OnQcTX
  • QHvexK
  • CidGPT
  • kDTVfA
  • n6M3jU
  • j6VvY1
  • f2qAaZ
  • tTHEMi
  • eg03Aw
  • avo61r
  • pNCUvQ
  • X1Zp_h
  • oYPHAS
  • 7Z9nQ4
  • HADeN1
  • D7yXXQ
  • _9WAcr
  • ZRTcx1
  • 6xNRr8
  • zWW4j4
  • Z8A-kT
  • eY1eoW
  • fIWLNN
Image of Mount Maki on the Shindo Life map.
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How do I use Mount Maki codes?

As you won't get any freebies from these Mount Maki codes, they don't work quite the same as other coupons in Shindo Life. You'll instead need to load up the game as normal until you get to the map screen where you can select a region. This time around, tap on Mount Maki, located in the southeast of the map.

Choose the option to enter a private server, then type in a code from our list above. If you're trying to coordinate with friends, you'll all need to use the same code to end up in a server together.

One thing to note is that you need to be at least level 800 before the game even lets you type in a private server code. As such, this method will only be handy for the most seasoned of Shindo Life players.

What are Mount Maki codes?

Mount Maki codes are redeemable coupons you'll use in Shindo Life, but they work very differently to your average code. Instead of providing you with any freebies, they let you - and any other friends using them - spawn into the same server.

These private server codes are particularly handy when a new area of the game is out because public lobbies are always brimming with people, which means a higher chance of running into combat or griefers. Using those codes to join a lobby of your own will bypass that grievance.

Can I make my own Mount Maki codes?

If you want to be as private as possible, you can always set up your own private Mount Maki codes, choosing who gets access to the code and thus who can join. It's not a totally straightforward process though, and you'll have to shell out some cash for the privilege.

That's because you'll need the Server Creator add-on to set up your own lobby. That costs 999 Robux and only works in Shindo Life. If you're a hardcore player and want to get through the new area quickly, it's an option for you if desired.

That will be the end to our guide about the newest Mount Maki codes. You can now explore the region in peace by using the codes! If on the lookout for more Roblox guides, then feel free to check out our YBA codes or even Anime Fighters codes for even more anime-inspired Roblox goodness.

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