Kaiju Paradise codes (October 2023)

Roblox Kaiju Paradise Halloween update promo art

Roblox Kaiju Paradise Halloween update promo art
October 19, 2023 - We've looked for new Kaiju Paradise codes.

Kaiju Paradise codes give players small boosts and extra little goodies in the exciting new Roblox game. Used to both benefit how they play and allow players to express themselves more, codes are a fantastic way of giving lots of nice things to new players. Here's everything we know about them right now.

As well as going over all the latest codes, we'll look at any previously expired ones, how to redeem them, when we can expect to see more, and how to join the game's Discord server. This is a great way of picking up information on the game so you should get in there and get talking!

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All working Kaiju Paradise codes (October 2023)

  • 3.1R (NEW)
  • 10K - 10,000 Credits
  • BUGFIXAGAIN - 3,000 Credits
  • 200TRILLIONVISIT - Five unusual crates
  • Dagoda - Unusual gift
  • Glubby - Unusual gift
  • Saturn - Unusual gift

Expired codes:

  • 2MoreFreeGifts
  • Literally2FreeGifts
  • Skullreaction2022
  • Fridaythe13th
  • WELCOMETO2023 - 2023 credits
  • NEARENDOF2022 - 3,000 credits
  • ANDSOITBEGINS - 333 Candies
  • Skullreaction2022
  • Fridaythe13th
  • IEATTABLE - Super Cataclysm

It seems likely that, as the game continues to grow and even more people get in there, some expired codes will pop up. We'll let you know what they are as they stop working.

Roblox Kaiju Paradise cover art
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How do I use Kaiju Paradise codes?

In order to use Kaiju Paradise codes, you first have to boot up the game for yourself. You can do so by clicking this link. Assuming you have a Roblox account and a working internet connection, this should then drop you into the game. You can claim free things from the menu every day. This is how to redeem codes:

  • Once you are in, look up at the top right for a gift icon.
  • Click on it and a code box will pop up.
  • Type in any of the codes above to get yourself something for free. Make sure it is perfectly accurate and watch out for accidental spaces.

When are new Kaiju Paradise codes released?

Generally, new codes tend to come in to celebrate special events like milestones or events. We can expect some around the holidays and more as the game continues to get bigger.

More should come soon to celebrate how huge the game currently is.

Is there a Kaiju Pardise Discord?

Luckily, Kaiju Paradise has a Discord, giving you access to the rest of the community and the development team. You can get in there by clicking on this link.

From here, make sure to follow all rules the server has set. They generally have to be heavily moderated to allow as many people in as possible.

But there you have it, that's everything you need to know about redeeming Kaiju Paradise codes! For even more codes, be sure to check out the latest Haze Piece codes, plus our list of all working Reaper 2 codes and Ro Ghoul codes.

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