How to get Amy in Sonic Speed Simulator - save Amy event

A screenshot from Sonic Speed Simulator

A screenshot from Sonic Speed Simulator
October 26, 2022: The Save Amy event is now over, meaning you can no longer get Amy in Sonic Speed Simulator right now.

Still enjoying the only official Roblox Sonic game? You'll want to know how to get Amy in Sonic Speed Simulator from Saturday, May 14. Via a sneaky little tease on the game's social channels, the blue blur's biggest fan was locked in as a new character, and here's how you unlocked her.

Sonic Speed Simulator is quickly expanding its cast of well-known characters. Since its launch in April, we've seen Knuckles, Tails, and Tails again. Now, Amy Rose has been teased by Gamefam Studios, finally giving Sonic fans their third most requested character before "other". Here's what we know about her impending release.

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How do you get Amy in Sonic Speed Simulator?

Amy was unlockable in Sonic Speed Simulator for a limited time during the event that started on May 14, 2022 and ended on May 21, 2022, with the Treasure Hunt event.

Amy got trapped in a crystal prison with three Chao by Dr. Eggman. The maniacal man states that nothing can break her out - except for 5000 Pink Crystals. That's your clue.

How to get Pink Crystals in Sonic Speed Simulator

Pink Crystals used to get Amy in Sonic Speed Simulator.
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Pink Crystals were found all over Sonic Speed Simulator in just about any world: but they only showed up for ten minutes at a time, vanishing again for a short while after.

They're much more common than the Sailor Tails cards from the last similar event - rather than being in sneaky locations, Pink Crystals now typically make up a decent portion of the XP crystal trails you collect around the maps. It still took a good long while to collect all 5000 you need to unlock Amy in Sonic Speed Simulator, but you got them easily enough by just collecting XP and Rings whenever the Pink Crystals arrive.

Thankfully, there were other prizes to grab along the way. As you earned more Pink Crystals, you unlocked the three trapped Chao as well, with the first being at 300 Pink Crystals. So even if you didn't manage to collect 5000 for Amy before the event ends, you at least had something to show for your efforts.

Best map for Pink Crystals

You can almost automate the process of farming Pink Crystals to get Amy in Sonic Speed Simulator if you're able to get to the Hill Top zone. This huge map featured a grind rail disguised as a mine track that took you around the whole place.

You only needed to jump once to restart the loop, and with loads of Pink Crystals spawning again by the time you had gone around it once, it's an easy way to collect them without worrying too much about getting lost on some other path and slowing yourself down.

The Save Amy event screen in Sonic Speed Simulator.
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What level do you need to be to get Amy?

You don't need to be a particular level to unlock Amy in Sonic Speed Simulator. Like the Sailor Tails cards during the Scavenger Hunt event, you can find the Amy crystals practically anywhere, but they do vanish around ten minutes after they spawn.

Being a higher level made it easier to collect them across multiple zones before they disappeared, but you wouldn't need to get a certain level before you could start to collect them.

Where is Amy Rose In Sonic Speed Simulator?

Amy isn't a place where you can just go and unlock her. Instead, you simply redeem her from the new Event page when you have 5000 Pink Crystals.

You'll get a bunch of other rewards along the way (like event-exclusive choas at Pink Crystal milestones), but you'll need to collect the whole lot to break Amy out of her prison and add her to your playable character collection.

If you mean where the crystal prison itself is located, we haven't found it just yet. The promo image could have been just that - a promo image. She could be out there in a world to find before you break her out, but you can't just run into it to unlock her.

Amy was also available for purchase for 799 Robux in Green Hill during version 1.7, but that got removed later on.

And that's all there is to talk about regarding Amy in Sonic Speed Simulator right now. We'll have the unlock method all figured out as soon as the update drops on Saturday, May 14, 2022, so check back then to see the full guide. For now, though, read up on the Cookie Run: Kingdom Sonic Cookie. If it ever comes back to the game, you'll want to grab it.

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