Sonic Speed Simulator Treasure Hunt Event - Eggman Key Locations and More

Looking to unlock the Treasure Hunter Knuckles skin in Sonic Speed Simulator? You'll need to know the Eggman Key locations among other things, and we've got the lot covered. We're gone at sonic speed ourselves to get the job done and answer any lingering questions we had at the start that you probably will have, too.

From where to find hidden Eggman keys to the best place to farm Master Emerald Shards, we've gone through the paces to figure out the best ways to complete the Sonic Speed Simulator Treasure Hunt event so that you don't risk missing your chance when the next new Sonic Speed Simulator update replaces the challenge with something else.

For more on the official Roblox game, check out the latest Sonic Speed Simulator codes. That's one way to get a new skin for the game. For others, read up on how to unlock Sonic, how to unlock Sailor Tails, and what we know about how to get Shadow right now.

How to Unlock Treasure Hunter Knuckles in Sonic Speed Simulator

The Treasure Hunter Knuckles skin can only be unlocked during the Treasure Hunt event that came to Sonic Speed Simulator on May 21, 2022. Like the Save Amy event, it's on a strict seven-day time limit, meaning you likely won't be able to unlock the Treasure Hunter Knuckles skin if you don't do it before May 28, 2022.

Unlocking Treasure Hunter Knuckles requires completing the three Treasure Hunter tasks listed below:

  • Collect one million Rings
  • Find 3k Master Emerald Shards
  • Find 30 hidden Eggman Keys

The last two missions can be completed in around 90 minutes if you already have every zone unlocked, but collecting one million Rings will really depend on the rarity and levels of the Chao and Trails you have equipped. These offer multipliers to the Rings you collect: so, the better your items, the faster you'll achieve this goal.

For reference, we'd managed around 370k Rings by the time we'd finished the other two missions with one Legendary Chao, two Epic Chaos, and a launch-day Epic Red Wavy Trail all at an average level of around 20.

Once you complete all three missions, you should be able to claim the Treasure Hunter Knuckles skin through the Event menu at the bottom of the screen. If you'd rather skip the missions, you can hit the "Unlock Now" button by the screen preview on the same screen to unlock it via Robux instead.

You can find Eggman keys in Sonic Speed Simulator in some really creative places.
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Sonic Speed Simulator Eggman Key Locations

Having trouble finding Eggman Keys in Sonic Speed Simulator? These glowing collectables spawn in a single random world every ten minutes or so, with a notice on the left side of the screen letting you know when and where they've arrived. Once you see it, race down to the stated zone to begin the hunt.

Eggman Keys are even more well-hidden than the Sailor Tails cards during the Scavenger Hunt event.

They can be in trees, behind portals, underneath loops, on top of hills, on small cliffs, and in basically any other little nook and cranny you can think off. Some are just by the side of a basic road, though, so you don't need to be fast and skilled to find all thirty - but it will speed things up.

It's worth noting that Eggman Keys in Sonic Speed Simulator do respawn. So if you're playing long enough to see them spawn in the same zone twice, just revisit the same locations again and you should be able to collect them a second time. Here are a few more tips for finding Eggman Keys during the event

  • Eggman Keys make a district sound when they're close, so walk around and listen out.
  • Aim your Spin Dash at an angle on loops and ramps to get big air. You'll have an easier time spotting keys from up there.
  • Jump slowly and on small platforms. Sometimes, running at full-speed can just make things harder
  • Look out for the notice telling you when Eggman Keys have spawned and despawned.
    • They appear for around ten minutes and then disappear for another ten. There's no point looking for them if they've disappeared. You won't find them.
The full list of missions for the Sonic Speed Simulator Treasure Hunt event.
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How to Get One Million Coins Fast in Sonic Speed Simulator

If you're hoping to grind one million coins for the Treasure Hunter Knuckles event, here are a few suggestions:

  • Unlock the Trail and Exotic Chao from the event first.
    • Trails and Chaos multiply the Rings you collect. The two offered in the event can be leveled up quickly and can offer a modest Ring boost in the process
  • Rebirth rewards don't count toward the limit, so hold off Rebirthing if you think the level reset will only slow you down.
  • Rings respawn quickly, so revisit popular Ring paths often.
  • Areas like the wooden bridge in Green Hill Zone, the cliffs in Lost Valley, and the winding road and rails in Hill Top are great.
  • Spend Rings as you get them.
    • You don't need to have a grand total of one million rings to complete the event, so spend any you can to unlock new Trails and Chaos to speed things up
  • Wait for a Triple Coin Boost - these are pretty common in the last row of log-in rewards.
You can get more Master Emerald Shards in Sonic Speed Simuator by searching for glowing shards.
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How to Get Master Emerald Shards Fast

Master Emerald Shards spawn in every zone at once. As soon as you see the notice saying they've spawned, you can head to any zone you want to start collecting them. Here are a few tips to help

  • Master Emerald Shards spawn both on their own and alongside XP shards, so don't be afraid to go off the beaten path
  • Some areas - like the bottom of the spawn ramp in Hill Top Zone - feature Master Emerald Shards in clusters
  • Brighter, lighter Master Emerald Shards award more shards per node. You can find these beneath the 90-degree run wall in Hill Top Zone, for example
  • Master Emerald Shards aren't affected by XP boosts etc, so equipment doesn't matter

And there you have it: virtually everything you need to know about the Sonic Speed Simulator Treasure Hunt update, including how to unlock Treasure Hunter Knuckles fast. Check back next week for a guide on the new Sonic Speed Simulator update. We'll have Chemical Plant detailed then as well.

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