How to Fuse pets in Pet Simulator X and what it does

Image of hundreds of pets behind the player character in Pet Simulator X

Image of hundreds of pets behind the player character in Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X is one of the most popular games on the Roblox platform, and there's one solid way to get the best pets in the game. Yes, you'll need to fuse pets in Pet Simulator X if you want any hope of unlocking the strongest pets to harvest Cartoon Coins in no time at all. It's not an easy process, but the rewards are most certainly worth it.

This Roblox guide will explore how you fuse pets in Pet Simulator X, with a walkthrough of what you need to unlock beforehand, and the steps you need to follow to do it. We'll also explore the process more broadly, on top of explaining whether you can unfuse pets if you aren't happy with the initial result.

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How Do I Fuse Pets In Pet Simulator X?

Fusing your pets together in Pet Simulator X isn't too hard, though complete newcomers to the game won't just be able to waltz through and do it. Instead, you'll have to grind for a little bit - or be lucky enough to stumble across a cash bag - because the unlock requirements are reasonably steep.

The fusion station is only available in the third world of Pet Simulator X, which is the beach biome. To unlock it you'll already need to unlock the town biome, which costs 10,000 Regular Coins. After that, you need to grind until you have 75,000 of the things. At that point, you can head to the gate and purchase the beach world to get to the fusion desk.

Then go over to it, and you can input up to twelve of your pets to fuse together. The combination of pets is limited only by your imagination, so we recommend trying and testing a range of mixtures to see what the game churns out. Each fusion costs a few thousand Diamonds, so you won't be able to just ream through them. Instead, you'll have to carefully choose which pets to place in the machine.

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Image of the fusion menu in Pet Simulator X.
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What happens when I fuse pets in Pet Simulator X?

Putting pets into the fusion machine is the Pet Simulator X equivalent of using potions in Wacky Wizards. In each instance, you input a random selection of your items (in this case, the pets) and combine them to produce a new pet. There are hundreds of potential pets based on which constituent pets you place in the fusion desk, so experimentation is at the core of this mechanic.

Even better, the fused pets produced through this process tend to be a lot more powerful than regular pets. That means they'll be able to harvest gold coin piles and crystals at a much faster rate, so your wallet will increase a lot faster than before you first used the fusion mechanic.

Of course, fusing pets means you'll trade up to twelve regular pets in exchange for one fused pet. As such, we don't recommend you chuck in any pets you actively use, or you'll lose them forever. Instead, it's a handy way to trade a bunch of your unused companions in exchange for a more proficient pet.

Can I unfuse pets in Pet Simulator X?

At the time of writing, it doesn't seem possible to unfuse your pets in Pet Simulator X. As mentioned above, once you place them in the fusion desk and get the process underway, that's your pets gone forever.

Since you get a brand new pet variant as a result of the fusion, there's no way to break it back down into its constituent parts. Therefore, only fuse together pets that you don't mind losing, because you can't go back and undo it.

That's it for our look at fusing pets in Pet Simulator X! We've also got a Pet Simulator X value list so you can see what each pet is worth, on top of plenty of Pet Simulator X codes to keep the freebies rolling in.

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