How to get money fast in Blox Fruits (April 2023)

Image of a leopard character in Blox Fruits.

Image of a leopard character in Blox Fruits.

Looking into how to get money fast in Blox Fruits? The base currency in this hit Roblox game is Beli, and you'll find yourself needing it very often. Therefore, we're here to help with plenty of tips as to how you can earn money in no time at all. Then you'll be able to purchase anything you want!

In this Roblox guide, we'll break down plenty of different ways to earn money fast in Blox Fruits. Ranging from quests to grind out to places in the open world to get extra Beli, you'll never be left scraping the barrel for currency afterwards.

How do I get money fast in Blox Fruits?

Check out our tips below for a few great ways to bag yourself extra Beli in Blox Fruits without working too much harder.

Grind out quests across servers

This one may seem obvious, but you won't accrue much Beli just by exploring the open world and killing a few NPCs. Instead, the highest cash yields tend to come from quests, so completing as many as possible is always a good idea.

The first few quests in the game tend to have fairly low yields, but once you get to the fifth quest and onwards, you'll always get upwards of 1,000 Beli per quest. As long as you steadily complete quests as and when they appear, you'll end up with hundreds of thousands of Beli. Equally, most quests in the latest area, Third Sea, net you upwards of 30,000 Beli each. Therefore, you shouldn't be short of money as long as you focus on missions.

Image of a castle in Blox Fruits.
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Farm boss battles

On top of that, boss battles exist outside of quests but have incredible Beli yields provided you can defeat them. Luckily, bosses don't spawn based on quest completion, but rather on the level you're at. Therefore you can simply level up highly and grind out any boss battles that correlate with your current rank.

Even better, bosses respawn in the hub world every time you enter a different server. As such, there's nothing to stop you from flitting between servers on a loop, defeating their bosses, accruing the rewards, and moving on.

The higher level you get, the more easily you'll be able to defeat these bosses, too. Therefore, those lower-level ones should become a cakewalk in no time.

Snag a multiplier

If you're willing to spend a little bit of money, the in-game store contains a 2x Beli multiplier to double any and all earnings you'll make during your time with the game. Best of all, this is a one-time purchase meaning you only ever have to invest the first time around and can reap the rewards endlessly afterwards.

Of course, this won't be an option for everyone, so we don't recommend doing this unless you've got the available funds and play enough Blox Fruits to justify unlocking the buff. If not, you may find that while it will no doubt help you make Beli faster, you don't actually play the game enough to see the benefit.

Redeem your codes!

Lastly - and this may seem like an obvious one - but redeem any and all codes relating to the game! Blox Fruits codes tend to arrive thick and fast, and provided you use them in time can be really helpful. Just as an example, some codes provide XP boosts to help you level up faster, thus making boss battles and high-level quests easier.

They may not provide the instant dose of Beli and coin modifiers you're looking for, but give you the behind-the-scenes buffs to make tougher levels that bit more forgiving.

That's it for our tips on how to earn money fast in Blox Fruits! For even more on the biggest Roblox games, you're in the right place. Check out our Project Slayers codes and Shindo Life codes for freebies in two of the biggest Roblox games around. We've also got some general Roblox codes to snag yourself extra cosmetic items to use in multiple experiences.

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