How to get Race V4 in Blox Fruits (January 2023)

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The Ancient Clock in the Temple of Time is a key component of unlocking Race V4 in Blox Fruits.

At long last, there's a way to get astronomically stronger in the Blox Fruits Roblox game. Learning how to get Race V4 in Blox Fruits is the way, and it's a massive upgrade over what came before it. Of course, you'll need to work your way up through the gear system to reach it, but if you've been waiting for this update, you're probably ready to unlock the race V4 features and passives.

Introduced in the early January 2023 update, the race V4 unlock in Blox Fruits is a multi-step process. It involves a lot of traveling, great timing, and partnering up with a few players with different races. It's not something you can really rush, so set aside a good chunk of time for it.


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How to get Race V4 in Blox Fruits - A step-by-step guide

Rather than keep the whole process a secret for fans to figure out, the makers of Blox Fruits have actually outlined how to get the Race V4 unlock in Blox Fruits themselves.

Check out the YouTube video below for the step-by-step guide, or keep reading for our written breakdown of the process. Sometimes words can be easier to follow.

Step 1. Kill rip_indra

Spawning inside the Castle on the Sea palance in Third Sea. You'll know when rip_indra has spawned when the world is enveloped by a thick fog. He's a level 5000 raid boss, so come prepared to face his Dark Blade V2.


Step 2. Talk to Red Head Mural

Conveniently also found in the Castle on the Sea (or Sea Castle for short), just speaking to Red Head Mural is enough to trigger the next step in the race V4 puzzle.

Step 3. Go to the Great Tree

Head to the very top of the Great Tree. Just interact with the thing up there to trigger some more lore chatter.

Step 4. Return to Red Head Mural

Now that you've listened to the stuff at the top of the tree, Red Head Mural will have even more to say.

Unlocking Race V4 in Blox Fruits by going to Mirage Island.

Step 5. Find Mirage Island

Grab some Mirror Fractals by beating up Dough King and head to Mirage Island during a full moon. You can find a few tips for spawning Mirage Island here, but timing its arrival during a full moon will be tricky.

Once you're there under the right conditions, activate your racial skill and have your character stare at the moon. After a few seconds, it should glow. Look around the island for the hidden gear that spawned and move onto the next step.

Step 6. The Temple of Time

Party up with at least two other players of different races and head to the Temple of Time by interacting with the Mysterious Force at the top of the Great Tree.

Position each player by the door of their race and have them use their racial skill and interact with the nearby levers at the same time. This will start the Race V4 trials. Again, it has to be a full moon for this to work.


Step 7. Complete the trial

Once every player has completed their trial, they're then able to interact with the Ancient Clock to manage their Gears. The first run unlocks Awakening without any passives. Subsequent runs unlocks the ability to spend points on passives, with each run becoming harder and harder.

How to run the Blox Fruits Race V4 trials again

To try the Race V4 trials again and unlock things like upgraded passives, you have to train your transformation mask with the right aura.

And, with that, you should have your Race V4 unlocked in Blox Fruits. For more Roblox content to get stuck into, check out the latest Shindo Life codes and Project Slayers codes.