Blox Fruits - How to awaken fruits

A Roblox character smiling in Blox Fruits.

A Roblox character smiling in Blox Fruits.
October 26, 2023: Learn how to awaken fruits in Blox Fruits.

It will take some time, but you can awaken fruits in Blox Frutis, granting them new moves and powers. Fighting in Blox Fruits in Roblox will require significant abilities, especially with the power that comes from the titular Blox Fruits. As enemies get more powerful, your Blox Fruits appear to get weaker. While some Blox Fruits just aren't going to cut it in the Second and Third Seas, others can be improved.

The process to awaken fruits isn't straightforward, and it does require some work. But investing the time could make you more powerful in PvP fights, and allow you to level up faster.

What fruits can be awakened in Blox Fruits?

Before you start trying to awaken fruits, it's important to know that only certain fruits can be awakened. Out of the 35 Blox Fruits that exist, the ones that can awaken are:

  • Flame
  • Ice
  • Sand
  • Dark
  • Light
  • Magma
  • Quake
  • Buddha
  • Spider
  • Phoenix
  • Rumble
  • Dough

Any fruit that isn't on this list isn't capable of awakening. While future updates could change what fruits can awaken, that doesn't mean every fruit is going to have that ability. Play it safe and check the list. If your fruit isn't on this list, it won't be able to awaken no matter what you do!

How do I awaken fruits in Blox Fruits?

To awaken fruits and give them new powers, you must participate in Raids. These Raids can be difficult, and it is recommended that you are at least Level 1100 to survive. It's possible to clear raids if you are below that level, but it's not likely. Raids consist of battles that take place across five islands. Each battle gets progressively harder as you progress through the islands.

The type of Raid you participate in depends on the fruit you have equipped. If you have a fruit that can awaken, completing a Raid will teleport you in front of a Mysterious Entity. Should a player have the necessary amount of fragments, they can upgrade their fruit's moves, giving access to their awakened moveset.

Getting a good team is essential for progressing through the battles. If you are struggling, try find a Buddha or Phoenix fruit user to join your party. Buddha players have good area-of-effect attacks, while Phoenix users can heal the party. Make sure other players can also keep up, as it might be difficult to expect one or two players to carry the party.

If you don't have the necessary amount of fragments, you can't get a new awakened move. The requirements will depend on the fruit, but bringing at least 14,500 fragments is a safe bet.

What Raids help awaken fruits in Blox Fruits?

There are two types of Raids: Basic and Advanced. Basic Raids require the purchase of a Special Microchip from the Mysterious Scientist character. It will cost $100k or any physical Blox Fruit, which can be used as alternate payment. That Microchip helps you begin the Raid, and you choose the Raid depending on the fruit you have. Choose the Raid that corresponds with the awakened moves you are trying to obtain, or you could waste your time.

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Advanced Raids are only available for the Phoenix and Dough fruits, and have a higher barrier to entry. You must spend at least 1,000 fragments or give a Blox Fruit that has a worth of one million. This provides an Advanced Raid Chip that lets you participate in Advanced Raids. However, there are also quests that must be done for each fruit before you are allowed to participate on those raids.

Both Basic and Advanced Raids can be done in the Second and Third Seas. For the Second Sea, you must access the Cold side of the Hot and Cold island. For the Third Sea, it will be the main building in the Castle on the Sea.

What quests are necessary for Phoenix and Dough?

For the Dough fruit, find a God's Chalice and ten Conjured Cocoa items. You can put them together to summon the Dough King. The goal is to take away at least ten percent of the Dough King's health to gain the Red Key. Head to the Cake Scientist's room at the Sea of Treats, which can be opened with the Red Key.

Fighting the Dough King is a tough battle, and you must make sure that other players are prepared before you begin. You do not have to be the player who begins the battle; being a participant is enough to unlock the Advanced Raid for yourself.

The Phoenix fruit has an easier set of circumstances, though it can be time-consuming. You must reach 400 mastery with the fruit's abilities, then find a Sick Scientist on top of the towers in the Sea of Treats. Speaking to the Sick Scientist gets you the Phoenix Raid without any fight.

Can you reverse an awakened fruit in Blox Frutis?

In the unlikely event that you have awakened the wrong fruit's abilities or want to reverse the process, there is a simple method. Head under the Café in the Second Sea or go to the Mansion in the Third Sea. There will be an Awakenings Expert who can undo awakened moves and return them to their regular versions.

It takes a significant amount of effort to awaken a fruit in the first place, and you don't want to carelessly undo an awakening. But the option is there if you want to take away a fruit's awakening.

It will take a significant amount of training and work before you can awaken a fruit's abilities. You must accumulate fragments from the Second Sea onwards, and must be able to survive against the enemies in a Raid. Finding players that can help you is essential to your survival, or at least a player who can support you in case something goes wrong.

But if you are willing to invest time and effort, you can awaken your fruits and become a powerhouse on the battlefield. It will make PvP situations easier for you, since not everyone has access to awakened fruit powers. Future enemies will also be easier to defeat, since you have more power at your disposal. The reward is worth the effort of training and finding a team, and you now have the steps to awaken fruits.

That's it for our look at how to awaken fruits in Blox Fruits! For more on the game, check out our best fruits tier list, alongside a look at what are the best swords Blox Fruits.

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