How to get to Second Sea in Blox Fruits

Characters fighting in Blox Fruits on the Second Sea

Characters fighting in Blox Fruits on the Second Sea

Ready to go to the Second Sea in Blox Fruits? When you are starting out in Blox Fruits in Roblox, the sea is vast and enemies are powerful. Even the starting enemies provide a difficult challenge. But as you improve your skills, get Blox Fruit powers, and learn how to fight, enemies will be easy to defeat. At some point, you will yearn for stronger opponents and the chance to explore new islands.

Every player starts in an area called the First Sea, and will work their way up the ladder to progressively stronger islands. Unfortunately, sailing to the Second Sea isn't as easy as going to the ends of the map. There's a process you must go through to sail to the next area.

How do I get to Second Sea in Blox Fruits?

Before you can get to the Second Sea, your character must reach Level 700. That means grinding your way through multiple fights, islands, and quests. You will also run into several Blox Fruit powers along the way. Getting Elemental Blox Fruits will make the levelling process go faster.

The recommended Elemental Fruits are Light, Magma, Fire, and Ice due to their effects. You must also remember to level up your Blox Fruit stat, or the Elemental Fruits won't be helpful.

Once you reach Level 700, you can start making your way to the Second Sea. Go to the Prison and speak with the Military Detective. They will be close to the Prison's entrance, near the quest givers. The Military Detective will give you the task of going to the Frozen Village and fighting the Ice Admiral.

Head to the Frozen Village and look for a wooden door. You should have a key granted by the Military Detective to open the door. The Ice Admiral is inside, and you should be prepared to fight. The Ice Admiral is no slouch, but you should be experienced enough to take them down at this point.

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Ranged attacks are effective against the Ice Admiral. Use Aura to attack the Admiral but refrain from using elemental attacks, since the Admiral is immune.

Return to the Military Detective after your victory, and you are informed that Don Swan has escaped to the Second Sea. Don Swan is part of a future quest line, but the important part is that you now have access to the Second Sea. Head to Middle Town and look for the Experienced Captain. They will now talk with you and offer to bring you to the Second Sea.

The Second Sea is nothing like the First Sea. Where you might have coasted by as you are familiar with the First Sea's environment, enemies are now much stronger. You may need to find better Blox Fruit powers, or a way to bypass the enemies that have the Aura buff equipped.

You can freely travel between the First and Second Seas as you like, and you have more opportunities to grab the Blox Fruit of your choice. As daunting as the Second Sea is, you will eventually work your way to the top of the ocean. Remember how you worked your way up in the First Sea, and repeat the process here.

That's it for our look at how to get to the Second Sea in Blox Fruits! For more on the game, read up on how to get money fast in Blox Fruits, as well as redeeming the latest Blox Fruits codes.

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