Blox Fruits - What are the best swords?

Blox Fruits gameplay image featuring a character with a sword

Blox Fruits gameplay image featuring a character with a sword

In this guide, we will check out some of the best swords in Blox Fruits. Blox Fruits is a famous Roblox game in which players begin on a quest to become the strongest. Combat is an important aspect of the game, and possessing a strong sword may make all the difference.

Swords are a crucial tool in Blox Fruits for players who wish to advance in the game and conquer their opponents. Before discussing the game's greatest swords, understanding the many kinds of swords available in Blox Fruits is crucial.

What sword types are there in Blox Fruits?

Swords can be divided into four primary categories, each of which has advantages and disadvantages.

  • One-handed swords: One-handed swords are swift and adaptable but less potent than other sword kinds.
  • Two-handed swords: Two-handed swords are slower than one-handed swords but have a lot more force.
  • Katana swords: Swords with a balance of speed and force include katanas, a cross between one-handed and two-handed weapons.
  • Dagger swords: Dagger swords are the quickest yet weakest in the game, making them perfect for players that prefer rapid attacks and dodges.

Now, let us take a closer look at the best swords in Blox Fruits:


Let's kick off this list with Shisui. It is possibly the most popular sword in the entire game. It's undoubtedly one of the strongest swords with great damage, known for its excellence. It has outstanding combo potential and allows you to move rapidly between attacks. It's a one-handed sword preferred mainly by players who enjoy quick and nimble playstyle as these swords enable rapid movement and a high critical hit rate.

The Shisui sword is one of the three legendary swords you can purchase from the Legendary Swords dealer for 2,000,000 bones. However, remember that you will require the True Triple Katana in your inventory before you can buy this sword.


Saber is also a strong sword, especially if you are new to Blox Fruits. It's a legendary sword you can obtain by completing the Saber Expert Puzzle. Like the previous sword in our list, Saber Sword is also a one-handed weapon picked mainly by players who prioritise quick movement.

We've put Saber on our list as it's one of the best early swords you can use to progress in-game. Since it's easy to get and master, however, you would want to move to a stronger sword later on.


Character with Wando Sword
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Credit: Blox Fruits Fandom

Wando is another legendary sword on this list. It's one of the few legendary swords you can buy from the Legendary Sword dealer for 2,000,000. Remember, the Legendary Sword Dealer spawns for 15 minutes at random locations around the Second Sea. Wando is a katana sword with a white sheath and hilt, a gold circular handguard, and black patterns along the handle. The character wears it on the left-hand side of the hip.

Wando is a perfect sword for a hardcore player, since it deals massive damage and can continuously stun enemies. However, we don't recommend this sword for low-level players as it has high mastery requirements.

Dual Katana

We highly recommend this sword if you are starting your journey in Blox Fruits. It's a common sword that can be purchased only for 12,000 from the sword dealer in the West. It's a beginner-friendly weapon. Both its movesets deal area damage, and it has a low mastery requirement.

Its moveset includes Whirlwind and Tornado. Whirlwind sends a medium-ranged, cone-shaped attack knocking enemies back, while Tornado flings an inverted cone-shaped attack dealing damage to enemies in its radius. Initially, you can upgrade this weapon through the blacksmith and keep using it for the first few days. Once it has been some time and you have saved up enough money, you'll want to switch to a legendary weapon.


Rengoku is another legendary sword you can get your hands on by obtaining the hidden key from the Awakened Ice Admiral from the secret room at the Ice Castle in the second sea.

Rengoku is a Katana and a beautiful one. It has a red flame pattern along its blade. It is one of the best swords because of its good travel distance and knockback, making it a great pick in PvP. However, on the flip side, you can target only one enemy at a time with this sword, and a good player can dodge the attacks using instinct.

Pole (2nd Form)

Pole (2nd Form) is a legendary sword that is tough to grasp. You will first need to complete Rumble Raid, having a Rumble Fruit with 250+ Mastery and a Pole (1st Form) with 180+ mastery, after which you can purchase Pole (2nd Form) sword for 5,000 fragments from the Thunder God.

Pole (2nd Form) is a long golden trident with blue prongs. It has high damage, and unlike Pole (1st Form), you can also hit rubber users with this sword. However, it's a heavy sword which lacks mobility moves. Its ultimate Electric Prison is quite powerful. It forms an electric sphere, stunning enemies and pulling them towards the centre.


Character with Bisento Sword
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Credit: Blox Fruits Fandom

Bisento is a legendary sword. It also has a second version which offers a bigger hitbox, increased damage and a different move set. The Bisento version 2 sword can be obtained by defeating Greybeard at Marine Fortress. However, you must have the Bisento sword in your inventory beforehand.

Bisento version 2 is a two-handed sword with a large blade and unique shape. It is known for its impressive range and devastating power, making it an excellent choice for offensive playstyle. Bisento's ultimate Quake Sphere creates a giant air ball that deals damage to enemies within. The air ball keeps expanding over time and eventually explodes. To get Bisento version 2, you need to purchase Bisento, priced at 1,000,000 and at least level 250.

Dark Blade

Dark Blade is a mythical sword. You can obtain this sword by purchasing it for 1,200 Robux or defeating Mihawk, a player and game developer. However, your best bet will be to purchase it via Robux, as even after defeating Mihawk, there is only a slight chance that you will get this sword, and the developer rarely comes online.

If you manage to get Dark Blade, remember it has the best combos. The Sword has a long range, and its Z move, One Thousand Slices, stuns enemies. Another benefit is that it has low mastery requirements. However, you will have to spend around $15 to get it.

With this, we come to the end of our best swords in Blox Fruits. Don't forget to check out our Blox Fruits tier list to know the best equips and the latest working Blox Fruits codes for free boosts and money.

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