Anime Racing Clicker codes - free spins and Shurikens (November 2022)

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Image of a Roblox character in Anime Racing Clicker.
November 25, 2022: We checked for new Anime Racing Clicker codes.

Looking for Anime Racing Clicker codes? This high-speed Roblox game fits into the fledgling genre of racing games focused on upgrading your character to outrun opponents and finish first for plenty of rewards. This particular experience has a keen anime focus, with familiar faces from all your favourite franchises up for grabs.


In this Roblox guide, we'll break down all the Anime Racing Clicker codes you can redeem right now. That's alongside details on what each code unlocks, as well as how to use codes, and where to look for even more in the future.

If you want even more Roblox codes, you're in the right place. Grab these Shindo Life codes and Project Slayers codes for two huge anime games taking the platform by storm. We've also got old classics like Blox Fruits codes and GPO codes to use.

New Anime Racing Clicker codes (November 2022)

  • VoidOP - Free items
  • AmazingCommunity - Free item
  • VisitGoal30M - Free items
  • LikeGoal30k
  • TrickOrTreat - five candy
  • VisitGoal10M
  • Release - free ninja
  • LikeGoal500 - two Shurikens
  • SpinWheel - two free spins
  • LikeGoal5k - super lucky potion
  • LikeGoal10k - super lucky potion

The following Anime Racing Clicker codes have sadly expired. These were most recently confirmed as inactive on November 18, 2022.


Expired codes:

  • No expired Anime Racing Clicker codes yet!
Image of the code redemptin screen in Anime Racing Clicker.

How do I use Anime Racing Clicker codes?

Fortunately, it's very easy to redeem your Anime Racing Clicker codes. The only downside is that the game doesn't explicitly tell you which items you've unlocked, so you have to root through your inventory to find out. Regardless, here's how to use codes:

  • Boot up Anime Racing Clicker from the Roblox game page.
  • When in a lobby, press the Twitter bird icon.
  • Paste in a code from our list and hit Redeem.
  • Check your inventory to see what you've unlocked!

What are Anime Racing Clicker codes?

As with so many other Roblox games, Anime Racing Clicker codes are free coupons you can use to get extra in-game items. So far they seems to be fairly generous, providing passive performance boosts as well as extra spins and characters to use.


One of the main items in Anime Racing Clicker codes is the extra free spins you get. You'll already get one free spin a day to see where the wheel lands, be it a new potion or some currency. However, these codes give you even more, so you can hedge your bets and cross your fingers for something good.

On top of that, codes also provide two types of potion: Shurikens and super lucky potions. They both give you a luck boost when hatching new heroes, thus boosting your chances of getting a higher-level fighter. Considering there are several characters based on the Demon Slayer anime, there's a lot to hope for.

How do I get more Anime Racing Clicker codes?

Anime Racing Clicker released in August 2022, and in the months since it's gone from strength to strength. As such, there's a good chance more codes will land in the future, to keep fans engaged and entice newcomers as well. Therefore, we've compiled a few places where you can check for codes, to always be on top of the latest freebies.

Firstly, the Roblox game page, as linked above, is a handy place. Not ever single code appears in the description, but the newest ones are usually there. You can also follow the game's Twitter page and join the Discord server, on the off-chance new freebies land there, too.

That's it for our breakdown of Anime Racing Clicker codes! While we wait for more coupons to land, feel free to nab yourself the latest Genshin Impact codes as well.