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Anime Fighting Simulator X Perfect Rinnegan explained

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A running character in Anime Fighting Simulator X.

The idea of an Anime Fighting Simulator X Perfect Rinnegan is the topic on a lot of lips right now. At launch, even though the Roblox game is stacked with features, drops, and reasons to grind away, the naming of one particular boon has everyone wondering if another, better version of it exists. Perhaps hidden away like some of the gacha characters.

If you've got questions about Perfect Rinnegan in Anime Fighting Simulator X, we have the answers. Most of them, anyway. The developers have spoken of the subject publically. And although they haven't touched on what might come in the future, it's something you still might want to think about.

Is there a Perfect Rinnegan in Anime Fighting Simulator X?

At launch, no. There is no AFSX Perfect Rinnegan ability. It won't drop from a boss, and you won't be able to find a way to upgrade a skill into it.

It's been a big question since the launch of Anime Fighting Simulator X, but the developers put the idea to rest in the game's Discord channel with the following Q&A response:

Does "Perfect Rinnegan" exist in-game?

A: No, it doesn't. The only version of Rinnegan in the game is the Imperfect Rinnegan special...

How do I get the Imperfect Rinnegan special in AFSX?

Given the perfect version doesn't exist, you'll want to start aiming for Imperfect Rinnegan if you don't already have it.

To get Imperfect Rinnegan, you have to get lucky when defeating Pain. This world boss, which you can check out the timings for in our dedicated AFSX boss locations page, has a slim chance to drop the Imperfect Rinnegan special. You'll find the odds on that page, too.

If you can take him on, it's wise to keep going until you get the skill. If not, consider it something to fight for. It's perhaps the most powerful special in the game right now, making it a real end game activity.

Will Perfect Rinnegan ever be in AFSX?


Though the developers certainly haven't confirmed or denied that Perfect Rinnegan will ever come to Anime Fighting Simulator X, the question proves there's interest.

In case Perfect Rinnegan ever does get added to the game, having Imperfect Rinnegan unlocked could potentially put you in a great position to upgrade it in the future. And even if it ends up being a whole new boss drop, at least you'll have one of the best specials out there to help you get it.

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