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Anime Fighting Simulator X boss locations - Spawn times, drops, and odds

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Two screenshots of an anime character battling a boss in Anime Fighting Simulator X, showcasing intense action on a vibrant blue battleground.

Even before you've started to pump thousands of clicks into the sequel to one of the biggest Roblox games of them all, you'll see plenty of ways to take on AFSX bosses. But without knowing the Anime Fighting Simulator X boss locations, you'll have a hard time reaching them before they're defeated by stronger players.

If you're to have any chance of getting some of the best loot in the game, you're going to want to know where to find mobs like Friezy and Monkey. Having them spawn on a set timer, as seen in the plaza, is easy. But it's when they spawn in the overworld that you'll want to pay attention to. And we're going to help make sense of it all.

Anime Fighting Simulator X boss locations - Where to find Friezy, Monkey, and more

Because some AFSX bosses are known to drop not only rare and powerful items, but fast flying mounts as well, you'll want to rush to them as soon as they spawn.

Here are the AFSX boss locations we know so far:

Boss name Location Spawn time Drops (includes Chikara and Shiny Rocks)
ShukakuDesert Island40 minutes past the hourOne Tailed Transformation, One Tail Shard, Gourd
Hand DemonForest IslandOne minute before the next hourSlayer Mask
MonkeySaiyan Island10 minutes past the hourFlying Nimbus mount, Great Ape's Tail, Great Ape Transformation
FriezyVolcano Island50 minutes past the hourFriezy's mount, Friezy Helmet
ArlongIce Island20 minutes past the hourFin
Armored TitanIce Island30 minutes past the hourScout Cape, Titan Transformation
PainBoss arena onlyCheck in-game time boardPain Champion, Imperfect Rinnegan, Headband

AFSX boss drops and odds

Here's a quick breakdown of each boss and what their drops can do for you:


Based on the tailed beast Gaara from Naruto can summon, here's what it drops:

  • 4.5k-7.5k Chikara (guaranteed)
  • Shiny Rock (3%)
  • One Tailed Transformation (1%)
    • A special transformation that can aid in battle.
  • One Tail Shard (45%)
    • A material you can use.
  • Gourd (10%)
    • An accessory with 10% Chakra ability damage

Hand Demon

This infamous foe from the Demon Slayer series can put up a real fight, but the rewards will be worth it to those who prefer sword-based battle techniques. Here's what you can expect to get:

  • 2.5k-4k Chikara (guaranteed)
  • Shiny Rock (5%)
  • Slayer Mask (10%)
    • 10% boost to Sword damage


The monstrous Great Ape Oozaru, the hidden power of a tailed Saiyan that looks upon a full moon, will reward those powerful enough to take it on:

  • 7.5k-10k Chikara (guaranteed)
  • Shiny Rock (12%)
  • Great Ape transformation (1%)
    • A potentially potent transformation with tried and true battle advantages.
  • Flying Nimbus mount (5%)
    • A mount reminiscent of the orange cloud Goku sometimes uses to get around.
  • Great Ape's Tail (10%)
    • An accessory that offers a 10% Max HP boost


Another Dragon Ball Z representative based on the arrogant alien conquerer Frieza can dish out some rare rewards:

  • 5.5k-8.5k Chikara (guaranteed)
  • Shiny Rock (10%)
  • Friezy's Mount (5%)
    • A flying mount that resembles Frieza's iconic floating space pod.
  • Friezy Helmet (10%)
    • An accessory that offers a fixed 5% damage reduction buff.


The freaky fish man from One Piece shows up from time to time, offering winning combatants the chance at the following rewards:

  • 1.5k-3k Chikara (guaranteed)
  • Shiny Rock (3%)
  • Fin (10%)
    • An accessory that adds a powerful fixed 10% damage increase and swim speed to the user.

Armored Titan

From Attack on Titan fame, the Armored Titan, a behemoth even without the plating, has a lot to offer to those who can test its mettle:

  • 3k-6k Chikara (guaranteed)
  • Shiny Rock (7%)
  • Scout Cape (10%)
    • An accessory that ads a 10% HP and Sword Ability damage buff.
  • Titan Transformation (1%)
    • Become the horror itself.


One of the best Naruto arcs comes to Anime Fighting Simulator X, offering some incredibly powerful rewards to those who can shatter his bones:

  • Pain Champion
    • Add Pain to your champion roster.
  • Imperfect Rinnegan
    • This special is one of the best around.
  • Headband
    • Get a fixed 15% Chakra Ability damage boost with this accessory.

If you can make sense of all that, you're in a good spot. Focus on the boss that drops an accessory that gels well with your combat style. And if you're in need of a boost to get you there, our AFSX codes can help. Second to that, check out our Anime Fighting Simulator X mounts page if you're looking to add more to your collection.

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