Resident Evil Village Workshop Safe Code

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While exploring the titular village in Resident Evil Village you'll need to locate a Jack Handle. This can be found in the Workshop area of the map. To get to it you will need to unlock a safe combination lock, with clues to its solution hidden nearby. To help you get the safe open we've put together this Resident Evil Village Workshop Safe guide. We'll take a look at what the safe code is and what to do with it.


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Resident Evil Village Workshop safe Code Solution

There's a safe in the Workshop area of Resident Evil Village that you will need to open before you can get into the house with the red chimney. If you read the rather ominous note in the room you'll be told to "look out the window". Doing just that will reveal three numbers. The safe code combination is as follows:

  • The safe code is 070408

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An image showing the Workshop safe code combination in Resident Evil Village. It reads: 07-04-08.

Be careful when approaching the window as a Lycan enemy will appear to give you a good scare. Deal with them and then head to the safe.

How to Open the Safe

Now that you have the solution to the Workshop Safe you just need to input the combination. Doing so will give you the Jack Handle item, and the M1911 handgun, the handle can be used to prop up the tractor you found earlier. Make sure you're ready for a fight, as there's a large number of enemies in the next area. We recommend Sniper ammo.


That's all you need to know about getting into the Workshop Safe in Resident Evil Village. For more help with the game be sure to check out our look at what to do with Luiza's Key. Elsewhere there's our look at what to combine with the Silver Ring.