Resident Evil Village House With Red Chimney Location

After escaping Castle Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village you will need to locate the house with the red chimney. Problem is, you're given no indication as to where to find it, and once you do you'll be unable to get past a crashed cart blocking the way in. In this Resident Evil Village Red Chimney guide we'll detail its location and how to get into it.

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Resident Evil Village House With Red Chimney Location

The House With the Red Chimney can be found near the Maiden of War in the starting Village area of Resident Evil Village. It's blocked off by a large blue door that will be locked initially. Worse yet, there's a cart blocking the side door. Check out the map below to see the Red Chimney House Location.

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A map showing the location of the house with the red chimney in Resident Evil Village.
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How to Get Into the Red Chimney House

To get into the house with the red chimney you will need to make your way to the East, towards the workshop. You'll find a tractor in this area, which needs to be winched up. The winch is located in the workshop, you'll need the safe code to get it. Once you have the jack handle head back to the tractor and winch it up. You can now crawl under it and head around to a new area. There's a stable here with a hole in it that you can use to get through. You can also unlock the Iron Insignia key door here and climb up to access the area around the house with the red chimney. You'll need to climb up a ladder on the back of the building to drop through the roof and enter. Luckily you can unlock the blue gates and get in easier next time.

That's all you need to know about getting into the red chimney house in Resident Evil Village. For more help with the game be sure to check out our weapons locations guide. There's also our full Resident Evil 8 Review.

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