Resident Evil Village Silver Ring: What to Put in the Silver Ring

While exploring Castle Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village you'll come across a Silver Ring. You can sell it as is or combine it with another item to increase its value. Here's what to combine the Silver Ring With in Resident Evil Village.

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What to Combine With the Silver Ring in Resident Evil Village

If you've picked up the Silver Ring in Resident Evil Village you will notice that it can be combined with an object to increase its value. This item is the Azure eye, located in the underground of Castle Dimitrescu. There's a door with an Iron Insignia that you will have passed earlier. Head here for a solution to the puzzle inside. Once you have the Azure Eye you can combine the two, creating the Azure Eye Ring.

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Silver Ring Location

The Silver Ring is found in a drawer next to wear you pick up the Mask of Pleasure. You will need the Dimitrescu Key to get into this room. It's found in The Hall of Pleasure area of Castle Dimitrescu.

The Hall of Pleasure location in Resident Evil Village
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What to Do With the Azure Eye Ring

Once you have the Azure Eye Ring you'll want to take it to the Merchant. It's very valuable, and should be sold for considerable Lei. This is the only use for the item so make sure you sell it.

That's all you need to know about the Silver Ring in Resident Evil Village. For more on the game be sure to check out our full review. Elsewhere there's our look at solving the 5 Bells Atelier puzzle.

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