Rainbow Six Siege: Six Invitational 2021 Rescheduled

The Six Invitational tournament is back on and will take place in May 2021.

This year's Invitational was planned for February earlier this year with Covid guidelines and regulations in place, but Unfortuenalty, the event did not go ahead.

After a short delay from the pandemic, the biggest Siege event of the year is finally here, but with some pretty major changes.

Participating Teams

Back in February, the Brazilian teams were unable to fly to Paris to participate in the tournament, this is the main reason the Invitational saw delays.

Now, the 6 Brazilian teams will be allowed to fly to France, but negative tests are required before they leave and when they return.

One of the Brazilian teams "Wild Card Gaming" will not make it to the event but will still take their 1% of the prize pool ($30,000).

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Luckily, we can expect the rest of the teams to be competing in full force in May.

Health and Safety

The group stages of the tournament will be held behind closed doors in the player's hotel rooms once they reach Paris.

This will allow them to follow the Covid guideline (10-day quarantine) and still make the playoffs at the venue.

Each team has also been limited to 6 team members per organisation.

If a team is eliminated from the tournament, they have to leave France within 48 hours, again keeping with the guidelines.

Anyone attending the event will need a negative test 72 hours before they leave their country, and isolate for 7 days before they leave and return.

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There are a host of other changes that have been made to the event to ensure the Six Invitational can go ahead.

New Dates

The group stages will take place between 11th - 16th May. This will narrow down the teams to a top 4 who will then take part in the playoffs.

The playoffs are expected to take place between 19th - 23rd May and will decide who is the winner of the Six Invitational 2021.

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1st place will take away $1,000,000, which is 33.3% of the prize pool.

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