Rainbow Six Siege: New Rick and Morty Crossover Bundle

The Crimson Heist season is well underway, and we already have some new cosmetics to enjoy.

The Rick and Morty crossover has arrived with new headgear, uniform, weapon skins, weapon attachment skins and charms all with a Rick and Morty theme.

Here's everything you need to know.

Smoke: Pickle Rick Set

This Smoke bundle features the full Pickle Rick set from head to toe. This look is iconic among Rick and Morty fans and will likely be the more popular bundle of the two.

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This bundle also features the Portal Gun weapon skin and attachment skin for the SMG-11. If you're still debating which bundle to get, this will likely be the deciding factor for a lot of players.

Finally, you'll also get the Pickle Rick charm. This can be equipped to any weapon as it isn't tied to the look of the set.

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But this is only half the story... what else do we get with this Rick and Morty crossover?

Sledge: Gromflomite Set

This Sledge set comes with the Gromflomite headgear and uniform. Based on the insectoid creatures seen throughout the four seasons.

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The set also includes the "Federation Defence" weapon camo and attachment skin. Although this may not be as good as Rick's portal gun, it's still a nice twist on the Rick and Morty theme.

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The charm you receive with this bundle is called "Seal Team", a nice nod to the US Naval special forces "SEAL Team Six". This is simply a 2D image of Rick as the seal team character.


Both bundles cost 2160 R6 Credits, however, if you purchase them together as the "Rick and Morty Bundle", it'll only cost you 4080 R6 Credits.

This price does come to more than the in-game elite sets, but if you're a fan of Rick and Morty this will be hard to resist.

We hope Ubisoft will continue to push out more crossover content as we move toward the next season of Rainbow Six Siege.

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