5 Things We Want in the Next Season of Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege has seen some massive changes over the last 5 years.

Ubisoft has managed to turn the game into one of the best competitive FPS games ever, and they're not stopping now!

Crimson Heist gave us the new Operator Flores and a rework of the iconic Border map from Year 1.

However, there are some changes we'd like to see in Siege with the release of the new Season.

Blackbeard Rework

For the past few years, Ubisoft has tried to find a place for Blackbeard among the other Operators as a competitive pick.

However, after an uncountable amount of nerfs and buffs, we think it's finally time to remove the rifle shield altogether.

It's unclear how Blackbeard could be reworked, but Ubisoft has shown they aren't afraid to entirely change a characters main gadget (see Tachanka's rework) for the sake of the game.

Ultimately, we don't mind how Ubisoft reworks Blackbeard, as long as that rifle shield is gone!

Esports Tab in Menu

We'd like to see a larger focus in-game on the Esports side of Siege.

This has already started to happen with new Esports skins and sets, but we believe a dedicated Esports tab would bridge the gap between the casual and competitive communities.

This would allow everyone who plays Siege to watch and support events that are taking place.

Other games like CS:GO have added this feature when tournaments take place (e.g. ESL One), driving up viewership for both large and small tournaments.

Remove Ping from Observation

This feature was introduced a few seasons ago and has plagued the competitive side of Siege ever since.

The yellow ping allows you to mark anywhere on the map within your line of sight (even through cameras). With the right teammates, it can give players a massive advantage, effectively giving the player in-game wallhacks.

We would love to see the yellow ping return to just those who are alive and not through observation tools.

This would still allow you to mark gadgets and other players while alive, but not give your team a massive advantage through cameras and utility.

Knowledge is power in Siege, and the current system gives players too much of an advantage to keep it a fair fight.

Improved Reward System

Siege is slightly lacking when it comes to rewards for both new and returning players.

In the early stages of Siege, you can use your Renown (in-game currency) to purchase new Operators, giving you an entirely new gadget/gameplay experience to learn and master.

As well as this, players can unlock the seasonal Battle Pass with real money to get a new Operator and work towards new skins for their weapons, attachments and characters.

There is little else for players to unlock after this, other than overpriced skins and ranked charms (based on the seasonal rank you achieve).

We would like to see more in-game challenges and rewards focussed on each operator, for example, 'Get 2000 Headshots with Ash's R4-C'.

League of Legends uses a 'mastery' system to reward players for improving their skill with specific Champions. A system like this in Siege could be implemented very well, and give players a larger focus on their individual performance.

Favela Rework

This is already confirmed for the new season of Siege to follow on from the Border Rework last season.

Favela was added to Siege almost 5 years ago and hasn't seen any changes since its release.

At launch it was an exciting new colourful map with new and interesting angles to exploit.

However, competitively the map has many areas that it's lacking in like awkward spawn peaks and too many destructible walls,

At times, it can feel like Favela is trying too hard to be an individual experience for Siege players, rather than another well balanced, competitive map.

We hope the map is opened up more to allow the defenders more room for roaming and holding down the objective.

This rework should completely overhaul the layout, and hopefully, bring some balancing to the Brazilian map

Y6S3 Release Date

Crimson Heist is set to finish on 25 May 2021, with the next season starting shortly after on 26 May 2021.

We're still a few weeks out, meaning Ubisoft are likely still looking to make changes to the game in the Technical Test Server (TTS).

If anything new is being implemented into the game, it will be added there first for players to test before it enters the full version of the game.

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