Is Rainbow Six Siege Going Free To Play?

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Rainbow 6 Siege has been one of the biggest First Person Shooters in the world for some time now.

With consistent gameplay and cosmetic updates, the game continues to provide a compeitive platform with new mechanics added every few months.


However, this recent leak may be the biggest change we've seen in Siege for a long time...

Unlocked Podcast Leak

A recent leak may have just unofficially announced that Rainbow Six Siege is going Free to Play (F2P).

On a recent episode of IGN's Unlcoked Podcast, Destin Legarie made a comment that may suggest Rainbow 6 will go Free to Play once changes have been made to the Xbox Live Gold subscription.


These changes are currently available to those that are a part of the 'Insider' program and will soon be available to the wider public. 

These changes apply to Looking For Groups (LFGs), party chat and free to play games.

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Once this happens, it seems pretty certain that Rainbow 6 will go Free to Play on all platforms.


However, what does this mean for Rainbow Six Siege in the future?

Pros and Cons of F2P

Although it's great when a game goes F2P, there are both positive and negatives when it comes to the integrity of the game. 

When a game is free it's much easier for cheaters to create new accounts and continue cheating. This can be mitigated with a full IP ban instead of banning single accounts but does require a more intrusive anti-cheat.


This will also lead to a rise in smurf accounts, meaning the matchmaking/compeitive system may not work as well. 

However, with a larger playerbase comes more community support. This may lead to more community events and rewards. 

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Overall, Siege becoming free to play would only expand its community allowing for more development on the game. With the right management and precautions, this could be implemented very well and possibly push Siege to be the top FPS in the world.