Rainbow Six Siege Bundle Has Raised Over $170,000 for AbleGamers

Few can argue against Rainbow Six Siege's success. Having recently entered its 6th year, Siege is no stranger to cosmetic bundles, having recently made the news with an unusual Rick and Morty crossover. Elsewhere though, Ubisoft's been busy.

Back in November 2020, they announced a collaboration with The AbleGamers Charity, an organisation dedicated to accessibility in gaming, directly helping disabled players. Launching a cosmetics bundle as part of Ubisoft's "Six Guardian Program", it's now been confirmed that this initiative has raised $171,183.

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Rainbow Six Siege Bundle Has Raised Over $170,000 for AbleGamers

In response, Steve Spohn, chief operations officer at AbleGamers, released this statement: "We're grateful to both the players and developers for enabling us to further our mission of making it #SoEveryoneCanGame and be a part of awesome communities like Rainbow Six. We're excited and hopeful that industry leaders like Ubisoft will continue to support gamers with disabilities both in their games and beyond."

On Ubisoft's side, weighing in was Rainbow Six Siege lead community developer Karen Lee, who advised: "Our players are so passionate. We wanted to give them an easy, effective way to support incredible organizations, like AbleGamers."

This isn't the end of Ubisoft's charity work, either, as the French publisher has previously confirmed they'll keep creating new bundles to support further charities. Though we don't know what those will contain, or who they'll work with next, it seems likely they'll follow a similar pattern.

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