Rainbow Six Siege Operation Void Edge: Reddit Fan Feedback Incoming after Test Server Deployment

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Rainbow Six: Siege gets a huge new update next month with Operation Void Edge, and with an Astronaut that employs decoys and the Kool-Aid man as its new operators, it's the most off-the-wall expansion yet.

But will the update go over well with fans? Here's all we know after combing the game's subreddit.


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Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Void Edge Fan Feedback

Because the game hasn't officially released yet, it's hard to say how positive the fans are.

The update is live on the test server, though, so expect more feedback to trickle through in the coming days.


One of the more common complaints levelled at Siege has been Ubisoft's insistence on fresh content when players feel the base netcode could do with work, but from our experience, the Operation Health update fixed most of the performance issues the game suffered from at launch.

Get good, scrubs.