Operation Void Edge COUNTDOWN LIVE: News, Updates, Leaks And Rumours For PS4, Xbox One And PC

Rainbow Six Siege has a brand new Operation, which is called Operation Void Edge, is finally here – with two new operators, a map rework, and more.

We're counting down the days to launch as we cover the latest news, rumours, updates and leaks!

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Good news, the Operation is now live. Iana and Oryx are available for Year 5 Pass owners, while the rest of you will need to save up your Renown!


Operation Void Edge begins TOMORROW!

Y5 begins Tues Mar 10.

Downtime ~1 hr PC: 9:00 AM EDT / 13:00 UTC XB1: 10:00 AM EDT / 14:00 UTC PS4: 11:00 AM EDT / 15:00 UTC

Patch sizes:

  • PC: approx. ~60-69 GB
  • XB1: approx. ~39-43 GB
  • PS4: approx. ~38-42 GB
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Will Tachanka Keep His 9x19VSN SMG After Rework? - 13:25 GMT

Reddit is asking the important questions today - will Tachanka keep his 9x19VSN submachine gun after his rework?

Although there has been no official confirmation, many players do not think he will keep this glorious weapon; however, they maintain that his secondaries will be untouched.

Players will have to stick with the RP-46 LMG, unless they want to switch to using Kapkan.

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When Will Operation Void Edge Release - 9th March 10:30 GMT

It's unclear what date the new operation will launch, many are expecting it on the 11th March.

However, it could arrive anytime from Monday-Wednesday; usually, an update on its arrival comes 24 hours before launch.

Ash Tomb Raider Elite Set - 8th March 18:00 GMT

Is this the best elite set to date? Better yet, is this the best crossover in history?

The Ash Elite Set, dressing up as Lara Croft, will be available in Operation Void Edge - but when will she be available?

You would expect her new digs to be available upon launch of the new operation, but that may not be the case.

It has been said to be "available soon after the launch of Operation Void Edge." We can only assume it is 1-2 weeks after launch.

ash tomb raider elite set operation void edge
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Rainbow Six Siege x Star Wars - 7th 18:05 GMT

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Unscheduled Maintenance  - 6th March 17:05 GMT

There will be a short downtime for PC & PS4 for some unscheduled maintenance.

  • PC: 12:00 EST / 17:00 UTC
  • PS4: 12:15 EST / 17:15 UTC

Estimated Downtime: 15 minutes.

Year 5 Pass Early Access Live - 5th March 13:20 GMT

Year 5 Pass early access is available NOW - get stuck into Operation Void Edge.

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Learn More About Oryx - 13:35 GMT

Learn all about one of the newest Operators coming to Void Edge.

🐐 ORYXStrong against: 🛡️Weak against: 🕸️🌪️🦁Learn more about Oryx at https://t.co/aKMKBOoNTZpic.twitter.com/eWtrGF6ceL
— Rainbow Six Siege (@Rainbow6Game)
March 3, 2020

Rainbow Six Siege Is Free This Weekend - 4th March 12:30 GMT

Rainbow Six Siege is FREE this weekend!

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Operation Void Edge Release Date - 3rd March 10:40 GMT

We're expecting the new Operation to go live on the 10th or 11th March!

Read everything you need to know right here.

Latest Test Server Patch Notes - 2nd March: 18:00


Ela - 👑 Being a princess isn't all that it's hyped up to be, and our little Nerferella is looking for a bit more balance in her life.

  • Reduced recoil now only applies to the first 11 bullets.
  • Increased resettle time after burst firing
  • Faster uptime to increase vertical recoil
  • Slightly increased recoil + spread

After the last buff to her Scorpion EVo3 we've seen a large jump in her pick rate and win-delta.

These changes are aimed at scaling back some of the changes made in Y4S4.3 and tweaking her EVo3 to be at a more appropriate power level closer to what we had in mind.


  • FIXED – Missing drone sounds for other players in the match.
  • FIXED – Ying’s Candelas missing collision with other player models.
  • FIXED – Operators in main menu can disappear when merging into a lobby.
  • FIXED – The “Keep Playing as a Team” button does not function properly.
  • FIXED – Pre-barricaded window in 1F Toilet clips through part of the wall in Villa.
  • FIXED – Gap in the 2F Main Stairs on Consulate.
  • FIXED – Gadgets appear to flat when deployed on Washing Machines in Outback.
  • FIXED – Players can sometimes navigate their drone inside the stage at 1F Meeting Hall in Oregon.
  • FIXED – LOD Issue in Oregon from EXT Construction.
  • FIXED – Various Menu and HUB fixes.
  • FIXED – Various cosmetic item fixes.
  • FIXED – Map Discovery Playlist should not take matchmaking preferences into account.


  • Barricade/hatch destruction replication issues under latency.
  • Some players who enter a match through an invite right after loading into the main menu will have a broken camera (current workaround: reboot to fix the issue).

CLASH EXPLOIT BOUNTYIs still ongoing until next Tuesday.

Operator Loadouts - 2nd March 11:05 GMT

Learn more about the two new Operators right here:

Void Edge Loadouts 👀🌑 Learn more about Iana and Oryx at https://t.co/7bJcLNwPSSOr check out the upcoming season patch notes at https://t.co/ENcLbPDXZKpic.twitter.com/yP0o8Ba18C
— Rainbow Six Siege (@Rainbow6Game)
February 27, 2020

Fan Feedback Incoming - 1st March 17:00 GMT

The new update is live on the test server, so we can expect fan feedback to trickle through in the coming days. Keep up to date on the fan feedback here.

Oregon Map Rework - 28th February 07:00 GMT

The Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account has shown off the new Oregon map rework and it looks BEAUTIFUL!

You can read all about Operation Void Edge right here.

Everything You Need To Know About Year 5 - 28th February 13:00 GMT

Operation Void Edge is just the beginning, with Siege due to get a further four operators throughout the rest of 2020 – presumably split between at least two further Operations.

Luckily, we've put everything we know about the year ahead in one handy place. You can find it here.

Ubisoft has also confirmed a fresh patch, this one focusing on Ela. Here's all the info.

Operator Backstories

Ubisoft has lifted the lid on the two new operators coming with Operation Void Edge, releasing some fresh details about both Iana and Oryx.

As the blog goes, "The one thing they share is a love of the element of surprise, of catching people off-guard and seeing how they react. I never would have guessed it just from looking at them."

You can read it all here

Weapon Tier List - 27th February 10:15 GMT

Looking for the best weapons in Rainbow Six Siege ahead of Operation Void Edge?

You can find out tier list here.

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Colourblind Mode Coming? - 26th February, 11:30 GMT

Fans have been asking for a colourblind mode for a while, but could 2020 be the year? Here's the latest.

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Operator Guides - 25th February 17:45

Great news, we've got a rundown of the best Attack and Defence operators, as well as a Tier List for all of the currently released ones!

Check out the best Attackers, the best Defenders, and the Tier List here.

Rainbow Six Siege Has Best Day Ever On Steam - 24th February 10:45

Rainbow Six Siege just has its BEST day ever on Steam off the back of the Six Invitational and as we get closer to the launch of Operation Void Edge.

A reported 178,419 concurrent players logged on last Saturday (22nd February).

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Year 5 Pass Is Out - 21st February 12:30

As reported by Windows Central, players that can't wait for the new operation are in luck – the Year 5 pass is now live on digital storefronts for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

The pass gets players a whole year of Siege content, with early access to new content – including all six Year 5 Operators.

You can grab some exclusive cosmetics, too, as shown below. The pass will cost you £19.99/$24.99.

Operation Void Edge - 20th February 18:30

Looks like Apex Legends has inspired Ubisoft, as they're looking to implement a revamped Ping system into Siege as part of Year 5.

Here's all you need to know.

Operation Void Edge - 17th February 12:00 GMT

As we suspected, we got some fresh info over the weekend. We now know that Operation Void Edge will offer Iana and Oryx as the operators.

Iana is able to deploy a decoy that players can control, while Oryx is able to power through walls, hatches, and enemies. We have full guides to Iana and Oryx.

We also know that one of the game's most iconic maps, Oregon, is being reworked significantly. 

The main changes are in the basement area, where a staircase now heads up to Kitchen and Construction. The laundry hatch of the basement area has been moved, and there's a new hallway that connects Big Tower to Kitchen.

Operation Void Edge - 16th February 23:15 GMT

Operation Void Edge will feature plenty of new goodies for players, including two new Operators!

Here's everything you need to know about this new Operation.

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