Rainbow Six Siege: New update coming ahead of Operation Void Edge

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Rainbow Six: Siege fans have plenty to get excited about as developers Ubisoft gear up to release Operation Void Edge, the latest expansion pack to the popular online shooter.

We've got the rundown of everything coming to the game in March here, but there's still something players have been crying out for – a colourblind mode.

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Ubisoft stated in 2019 that there were no plans for such a feature, but 2020 could be the year that colourblind Siege fans get their wish.

in an interview with PC Gamer, Art Director for Siege Alex Karpazis said “We’re working on something right now,”

“We want it to be as accessible as possible to all of our players, so we’re making efforts on that.” Karpazis didn’t offer any other details, including when we can expect to see the feature in-game. While this news is encouraging, this isn’t the first time Ubi has made a similar promise."

As PC Gamer also points out, Siege's developers have previously committed to improving accessibility in the game but haven't made steps to do so – so take this news with a pinch of salt.

In any case, if more players get to play, then that can only be a good thing. Here's hoping the settings are changed as soon as possible.