Rainbow Six Siege Operation Void Edge: Oryx Guide, Tips And Tricks, Abilities, Weapons, Biography And More

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Operation Void Edge is planning to bring TWO new Operators - one of them is Oryx.

As we enter Year 5, Ubisoft is keen to show that they can mix it up with the addition of this exciting Operator.

Here's our guide to this tricky Operator.


Release Date

Oryx arrives on March 11th, 2020 as part of the Year 5 pass.

Like Iana, she'll unlock a week later for other players to purchase.

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Who Is Oryx?

Oryx is a new defender, offering powerful up close and personal weapons that match his ability and playstyle perfectly.

  • Name: Saif Al Hadid
  • Date of Birth: July 3rd (Age 45)
  • Place of Birth: Azraq, Jordan
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Oryx Loadout


As a defender, Oryx is equipped with some devastating weapons.

Oryx is blessed with two weapons that excel up close, the MP5 and the SPAS-12.

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Oryx Abilities

Remah Dash is the ability Oryx uses to smash through doors and enemies.

The speed allows him to roam efficiently and cover short distances with unprecedented swiftness.

It can also be used to knock down opponents and dash through breakable walls, creating a wide opening.



Be careful of the cost, though, as he loses health every time the Remah Dash is used for breaching.

Additionally, Oryx has the unique ability to interact with broken hatches.

He can climb straight through for a quick rotation, or he can hang on the edge to peek or wait for the perfect moment to go up. As long as he’s hanging, he can also opt to drop down if the climb seems too dangerous.

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Tips And Tricks

You should use the MP5, although it suffers harshly by the fact that is doesn't have the Acog scope.


You'll also want to bring the Bailiff sidearm as it will synergise well with his ability to interact with hatches.

Consider using the bulletproof camera as you can place one in a hatch during the prep phase.


The ability to climb up hatches is great for sneaking up on enemies that are above you and getting behind them, which is very uncommon.

It's also good for being able to hang on and get a bit of intel on your enemy in the early stages of the round - you can drop back down without lowering your ability count.

If you're caught off guard you can use the dash to stun an enemy as well as easily take down Montagne's full shield.

You can also use his dash to break down surfaces if you're 

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