Is Rainbow Six Siege Free On PS4, PC and Xbox?

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There's still loads of interest from new players when it comes to Rainbow Six Siege, even after 5+ years since release.

Maybe you're eyeing it up and curious whether this might be your next go-to game?

When looking into a new game a lot of people question, is it free?

There are multiple factors as to why you might not want to invest money into a game, such as not enjoying it, not having the funds and more.

So, when it comes to Rainbow Six Siege, well, is it free?

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Is Rainbow Six Siege Free On PS4, PC and Xbox?

Rainbow Six Siege has had its fair share of events involving discounts and even times when the title was made free.

Although in general, the game is not free.

The cost tends to fluctuate so there's not really a set in stone price as of right now.

Although it does come along with the Xbox Game Pass.

If you consider that as free well then sure, it's free.

Keep an eye out though as every so often Ubisoft will make the game free to play for a period of time.

This is a great way to find out if the title is right for you.

Play it, love it or hate it and make your choice, we'll see you in the fight!

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