Is Rainbow Six Siege on Game Pass?

Rainbow Six Siege is constantly garnering more players over time.

No doubt plenty have been curious if the title is free, you can find out here by the way.

Alongside that query is the question, is it on Xbox Game Pass?

Well, let's find out!

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Is Rainbow Six Siege on Game Pass?

If you've got a Games Pass and have been interested in Rainbow Six Siege, you're in luck.

A while ago an announcement was made through Twitter that the title would be arriving to the subscription service.

Us: Really happy we don’t have to announce anything today. Looking forward to this day offThe email we just got: Rainbow Six Siege is coming soon to console with Xbox Game Pass and cloud gaming on Android devicesUs:
— Xbox Game Pass (@XboxGamePass)
October 19, 2020

We went a while without actually seeing this come to fruition.

After doing some digging, we got all the confirmation we needed.

If you head to Xbox's Game Pass Library here, scroll down and you'll see a search bar.

Type in Rainbow Six Siege and ta-da!

So yes, Rainbow Six Siege is available on Xbox Game Pass, so go grab it!

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