Ragnarok X Guide - How to Download, All Classes, and More

January 6, 2022: As no new classes have been introduced since launch, the Ragnarok X guide remains the same as ever.

Looking for a handy Ragnarok X guide? After holding its own against the juggernaut MMOs of the mid-2000s, Ragnarok X is here to conquer the mobile MMO landscape. It's not the beloved series' first mobile rodeo. Far from it, in fact. But it is its most drastic overhaul yet, fully realizing the once 2D world of Migard into a fully fledged 3D MMORPG adventure.

Read on below while we teach you everything you need to know about Ragnarok X in our beginner's guide, from how to download and play the game in Europe, America, or anywhere else it hasn't actually released in yet, the jobs and roles you can play, and how Base Level and Job Levels work as well.

Before all that, though, if you're looking to fill up your phone's storage with some of the best mobile games around, we have roundups of the best mobile card games, the best Android strategy games, and even the best free Android games.

All six Transcended jobs in Ragnarok X.
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All Ragnarok X Classes

Ragnarok X brings back the job-based combat of past titles in the long-running series. Characters start with a base job that levels up independently of their character level, then eventually become advanced jobs even more suited to their key roles in battle.

These are the Ragnarok X classes and jobs available right now:

First Class
Second Class
Falcon, Ranged Attack, Trap
Ranged DPS
Assassin Cross
Stealth Assassin, Crit Assassin, Poison Assassin
Melee DPS
Long Knight
VIT Knight, AGI Swordsman, Spear Knight
Melee Tank
High Wizard
Earth/Fire, Ice/Lightning, Fire/Ghost
Ranged DPS
High Priest
Praise, Force, Exorcism
Ranged Support
Flexible, Berserker, Zeny
Hybrid Support

What Is Ragnarok X?

Ragnarok X is the latest mobile game in the popular Ragnarok series. What started as a 2D PC MMORPG in the first half of the 00s has since embraced the move to mobile. Although the original PC servers are still alive and well, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love brought the game's iconic and nostalgic 2.5D anime aesthetic to mobile.

Since then, devices capable of full-fledged 3D graphics have seemingly become popular enough for the game world to be redesigned in 3D, birthing Ragnarok X as the next-gen Ragnarok Online experience.

Like just about any MMO out there these days, Ragnarok X simply tasks you to choose and grow your preferred combat class, befriending strangers around its open-world landscape to vanquish increasingly dangerous foes in fields, caves, and dungeons.

It includes a robust photo mode and emote system for socializing with the friends you make along the way, embracing the original game's knack for having its users form friendships both in and out of the game.

Two Ragnarok X avatars.
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How Do I Download Ragnarok X?

Although technically only officially released in SEA regions like Thailand and Taiwan, the method of playing Ragnarok X outside of these countries isn't too difficult. Just follow this Ragnarok X guide step-by-step and you'll land in Midgard in no time.

There's no need to use a VPN or make an SEA Google Play account to download and play Ragnarok X. All you need is an Android device and a bit of technical know-how. This works on both emulators and physical devices, but the steps differ slightly.

If you're savvy, follow the Ragnarok X guide steps below to play in no time:

  • Search "Ragnarok X APK" on Google or your preferred APK download site.
  • Download the Ragnarok X APK to the device you wish to play it on.
    • On emulators, drag the downloaded Ragnarok X APK into the emulator window to install the game.
    • On mobile, open up your preferred APK installer app like APKPure and install the Ragnarok X APK through it.
  • Launch the game through your emulator dashboard or APK installer app.

If you want to take things more slowly or just need a bit of time to trust the steps above first, read the long Ragnarok X guide below. It'll show you exactly how to install the game on a phone, tablet, or PC and play the game without jumping through region-locked hoops.

How to Play Ragnarok X on Android or PC

To download and play Ragnarok X outside of SEA, simply visit your preferred or trusted APK website. For the purpose of this test, we found that APKPure worked just fine.

Download the Ragnarok X APK on whichever device you plan to play the game on. That means PC if you're using an emulator, or your mobile phone or tablet if you plan on playing natively.

If using an emulator like Bluestacks, simply dragging the downloaded APK into the Bluestacks window should be enough to prompt the install. After that, you should be good to fire up the game and start your adventure.

On a physical Android device, things are a little more complicated. To install the Ragnarok X APK on Android, from this source, at least, you need to install the APKPure app to your device. This must be done through the website link, as the app itself isn't available on Google Play.

Note that if this sets off any red flags for you personally, we suggest you wait for the official Ragnarok X release date in your region. Installing APK files from outside Google Play always incurs a risk. These apps are not tested or approved by Google. Do your own due diligence to ensure your personal or any other sensitive information isn't at risk.

The final step of how to download and install Ragnarok X on Android.
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If you're ok with going down this route, tap and install the APKPure app by following the steps on your device's screen. This will probably include allowing third-party app installs from sources other than Google Play.

With the app now open, tap into the options menu in the top-right, then swipe the tabs across at the top here and you should see the 'APK / XPK Management' tab. Tap into this and, if the app has permission to crawl through your device storage, the 'RöX' app should show up on the list. Hit the install button, tap through any required permissions, and you're good to go.

If everything went according to plan, you should be able to download, install, launch, connect to, and play Ragnarok X without a VPN, SEA Google Play account, or any kind of spoofing method.

Ragnarok X Guide - Server Selection and Character Creation

Upon launching Ragnarok X for the first time, you'll be prompted to choose a server and make a character. There's a good chance the default server set will have queues, so you might want to switch to a low-population one first to get a feel for the game.

Once you're in, simply choose your character's gender, hairstyle, face type, and name. Assuming your chosen name isn't taken, you'll soon load into the game with your new avatar.

Follow the on-screen instructions or tap the quest text on the left to auto-walk to your objective. Talk to the NPC a bunch of times to fill in your profile, grab your Adventure Handbook, and you'll then set off on your adventure.

The stats screen in Ragnarok X.
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Ragnarok X Guide - Stats and Levels

In Ragnarok X, you gain stats each time you level up. These can be manually placed into your chosen attributes, giving a sense of building your own class to suit your playstyle and strengths.

To set stats in Ragnarox X, all you need to do is tap your character portrait in the top-left corner of the screen. In the window that pops up, hit the Stat Points tab on the right edge and use the '-' and '+' buttons to add points to the stat you think is best for your class.

If you're stuck, you can hit the Recommended Stat Points button at the top to bring up a menu with three distinct build options tailored around roles like DPS, tank, or balanced. These all dependant on your gameplay situation: some will perform best when paired with a party member or two, whereas another might allow you to take on more enemies at once without relying on others.

What's the Difference Between Base Level and Job Level in Ragnarok X?

Ragnarok X uses two different leveling paths to facilitate character growth: a Base Level and a Job Level. EXP gained through killing monsters and completing quests apply to both a character's Base and Job level. Base levels gained award Stat Points, whereas Job levels gained award Skill points.

When three levels below the Server Level, Base Level EXP rates are increased proportionally to help new characters catch up to the rest of the server's population. The greater the difference between a character's Base Level and the Server Level, the more bonus EXP a character will get when completing activities.

And that's it for our Ragnarox X guide. If you're looking for something slightly different to play, you should also check out our helpful Punishing: Gray Raven tier list and list of all the Honkai Impact characters currently available in-game.

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