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three Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

three Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

2022 was a great year for Pokemon, especially with the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The game has introduced various new Pokemon for fans of the franchise to love. These include the starters Sprigatito and Fuecoco, as well as Pokemon like Lechonk and Pawmi. With so many popular Pokemon already, it's a no-brainer that there will be top fan-favorite Pokemon this year from the new additions to the Pokemon family.

But the top fan-favourite Pokemon in 2023 aren't only coming from the new games. Some of the popular Pokemon today include timeless favourites of fans of all ages, such as Lucario and Gardevoir. This list combines the most popular Pokemon today from recent Pokemon franchises and the Pokemon that have transcended time and entered the hearts of fans all over the world.

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Tinkaton holding up their hammer from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
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Credit: https://thenerdstash.com/tinkaton-weaknesses-in-pokemon-scarlet-violet/

First off is Tinkaton, a dual-type Fairy/Steel Pokemon introduced in Generation 9. Tinkaton is a pink humanoid Pokemon that wields a gigantic metal hammer that weighs over 220 pounds. So, don't be fooled by Tinkaton's cuteness as its recklessness can overpower you. Plus, it's sneaky enough to steal anything it wants and take it back to its dwelling. Revenge against Tinkaton is something you'll definitely regret.

In a Nintendo Life poll to determine the most popular Pokemon held last December, Tinkaton came in at first place right off the bat after tallying the votes. The Pokemon has also been dominating social media with its seemingly innocent appearance, despite its chaotic personality which are traits the masses seem to love.


Fuecoco admiring an apple.
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One of the major starting Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Fuecoco is the Fire-type Pokemon also seen in Generation 9. It's a bipedal crocodilian Pokemon that is surprisingly laid back and does things at its own pace in spite of its heated features. However, Fuecoco loves eating a lot of snacks as it will rush towards any food that it sees.

A favourite first-form starter Pokemon, Fuecoco beats Sprigatito and Quaxly in poularity. Aside from its foodie personality, perhaps fans and players of the franchise opt for Fuecoco as a favorite due to its offensive tank abilities that boast high HP and a decent Defense with a high Special Attack. It's a deadly combination which puts Fuecoco at the top spots of the chart.


Gardevoir creating a black hole.
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A blast from the past, Gardevoir is one of the Pokemon franchise's timeless characters. A dual-type Psychic/Fairy Pokemon introduced in Generation 3, it evolves from Kirlia at level 30. Having an ominous trait of seeing the future with its psychic powers, Gardevoir can even create small black holes and distort dimensions, prioritising protecting its Trainer.

With its strong and elegant personality shining through, Gardevoir is one to be in awe of, especially with its major roles across various Pokemon games. It served as Walley's ace in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire and Diantha's ace in Pokemon X and Y. Moreover, Gardevoir was also seen in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon as major character.


Ceruledge standing to fight for its trainers.
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Credit: The Pokemon Company

Another dual-type Pokemon, Ceruledge is a Fire/Ghost Pokemon also from Generation 9. It evolves from Charcadet when exposed to Malicious Armor. Also a bipedal Pokemon, Ceruledge is a humanoid-kind of Pokemon covered in a blue-purplish suit of armor that wields purple-cyan blades created from its fire and ghost energy.

Very merciless, Ceruledge is not one to mess with in battles. It prefers close-quarters combat and has quick sneak and surprise attacks. Why fans have loved Ceruledge more than its Armarouge counterpart would mainly be because of its abilities and type as a Ghost Pokemon, which is more valuable than Psychic-type Pokemon like Armarouge.


Lucario gazes upon the horizon in the animated show.
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Credit: Pokemon animated series

A household name, Lucario is definitely still part of this list as a fan-favourite. Being a Fighting/Steel type Pokemon, Lucario was introduced back in Generation 4. It can generate explosive spheres of energy for its offensive attacks. Lucario also has a sense of justice as it can only trust its Trainer's righteous heart.

One of the things that make Lucario popular is its vulpine characteristics that can literally pack a punch in battle. Aside from that, Lucario's design based on the Egyptian god, Anubis, makes his appearance quite appealing to fans. This is because Anubis has the job to determine a soul's worth, similar to the Pokemon's ability to read auras.


Mousehold hold hands side by side.
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Maushold is a Normal-type Pokemon introduced in Generation 9. It's a group of three or four mouse-like rodent Pokemon which work together as one. Maushold acts as if it were a family, similar to the concept of a "household." No one knows where the smaller individual Maushold comes from. Like actual mice though, Maushold creates nests comprising multiple rooms, each with different purposes such as eating and sleeping.

Again, you can't be fooled by this Pokemon as Maushold can sweep the strongest teams out there in Pokemon with its ability to deal 600 damage. And that doesn't even include its hidden ability of Technician when giving it a Wide Lens, which doubles the power of all its moves.


Sprigatito stands by a sidewalk of flowers.
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One of the starter-Pokemon alongside Fuecoco, Sprigatito is a grass-type Pokemon also from Generation 9. A feline Pokemon, Sprigatito is covered in green fur which helps it absorb energy from the sun like plants and other greenery. The Pokemon is capricious and attention-seeking. It tends to sulk if people ignore it.

Now, who doesn't like kittens? Sprigatito's popularity stems from the adoration of fans for this feline. Plus it's sneaky with its ability to mesmerize anyone as it can rub its paws together to create a sweet, therapeutic aroma to cause its foes to stop battling. Sprigatito has certainly put the internet in a daze with its cuteness.


Charizard flies through the air.
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A classic Pokemon, Charizard is a dual-type Fire/Flying Pokemon that evolved from Charmeleon back in Generation 1. It flies to search for powerful opponents to battle, and its fire will burn hotter over time and as it gains experience. Though its fiery breath is hot, Charizard never turn it on any opponent they have.

What established Charizard as a popular Pokemon would be its partnership with Ash Ketchum, which is prominent in the animated series. Moreover, Charizard has greatly contributed to the nostalgia factor of Pokemon's older games such as Pokemon Fire Red, and being very much sought out as a high-value card in the Pokemon Trading Card game.


Meowscarada displayed against a colorful background.
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Credit: The Pokemon Company

An evolved form from Sprigatito's line, Meowscarada is a Grass/Dark Pokemon from Generation 9. A humanoid feline Pokemon, Meowscarada is stealthy, planting its flower bombs onto its foes before setting them off, catching enemies unaware and at their weakest.

Immune to Psychic types, Meowscarada has become notably popular in the latest VGC. This is contributed by its high Attack and Speed stats, which make it a contender in Pokemon matches and a good addition to teams. Plus, its ominous design and illusion of being able to float make it intriguing to fans.


Umbreon growls in Pokemon GO.
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Last but not least is Umbreon. From Generation 2, Umbreon is a Dark type Pokemon that evolves from Eevee when exposed to the moonlight, causing a genetic alteration to it. Umbreon has well-developed eyes that can spot prey in the darkness. Whenever agitated, Umbreon sprays a poisonous sweat secreted from its pores to protect itself.

Umbreon are pretty rare in the wild as they're more commonly found in urban areas, already under the ownership of trainers. Their popularity comes from being able to acquire resistance from Ghost, Psychic, and other Dark attacks which makes them formidable Pokemon for battle. Additionally, its sleek design makes fans love and admire how cool Umbreon is.

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