Pokemon GO Umbreon: Best Moveset For PVP - Is Umbreon Any Good?

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Umbreon is the Dark-type of the Eeveelutions in Pokemon GO and players are bound to see one throughout the Great League.

It's known for being a tank of a Pokemon that can take some serious damage and still deliver some back in a tight situation. On top of some great stats and moves, Umbreon is an economic pick for players who are trying to build a good PVP team in Pokemon GO.


For the Fast Attack, the best option is Snarl. Both Fast Attacks that Umbreon can use are Dark-type moves. However, Snarl deals more damage and has more energy per second than Feint Attack does. It's an easy choice in that regard.

When choosing the Charge Attack, players should prioritize Foul Play. In general, Foul Play is a Dark-type move that deals huge damage to Pokemon that are vulnerable. It also charges fast and has the ability to burn shields down.

If players have enough Eevee candy for a second Charge Attack, then Last Resort is a fantastic choice. It's a Normal-type attack that gives Umbreon more versatility. The problem is the attack can require an Elite Charge TM. If players don't have one, then Dark Pulse is the only other option.

Is Umbreon a good choice in Pokemon GO PVP battles?

Umbreon is one of the top picks in the Pokemon GO Battle League. The Dark-type Pokemon isn't used in higher leagues due to the cap, but in Great League, Umbreon can be a dominant force.


Umbreon brings a versatile tank option to any battle team that can counter or stalemate many other great picks. Any players who want to use Umbreon need to look out for Scrafty or Machamp, otherwise, it will take a while to bring Umbreon down.