How To Walk In Peridot - Everything you need to know

Image of a Peridot and their owner sitting on a pier.

Image of a Peridot and their owner sitting on a pier.
November 7, 2023: We've gathered our information about walking in Peridot.

Peridot is the latest mobile game from Pokémon GO titans Niantic, bringing a series of adorable critters to your handheld device. As such, you'll definitely want to know how to walk in Peridot, because it'll almost certainly be the key to the gameplay loop.

This guide will go through everything we know so far about walking in Peridot - even if that isn't too much at this early stage. We'll explore what walking will get you in the game, as well as exactly how you do it so that it syncs up with your in-game avatar.

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How Do I Walk In Peridot?

The good news is that walking in Peridot is pretty much the easiest thing ever. As with other Niantic AR games like Pokémon GO, all you need to do is actually walk in real life. If you've synced up your device's location settings properly, then your on-screen avatar will move in tandem, going on the adventure with you.

From there, you'll see your character walking in the same position as you, and in the same direction. That's because Niantic games tend to connect to Google Maps to map out your location in real-time. That was also the case in the studio's recent game, Pikmin Bloom, and mainstays like Pokémon GO. As such, walking down your local high street in real life will also be reflected in the game. While we haven't seen too much Peridot gameplay prior to its release, it'll almost definitely work in the same way.

What Does Walking Do In Peridot?

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As of right now, it's hard to say exactly why you'll need to walk in Peridot. Other Niantic games make it clear. In Pokémon GO, you walk to find new Pokémon, hatch eggs, and trek to Pokéstops. In Pikmin Bloom, it's crucial to planting new flowers and recruiting Pikmin to your team.

That's where Peridot steps in. In this pre-release period of widespread speculation, there hasn't been confirmation on these game mechanics. Walking will of course be crucial, but it's tough to say why. However, there are a few hints on the game's website to suggest what role walking plays.

You're encouraged to take your Peridots on a daily walk, heading to significant locations together. Doing so will help you find new items and pickups as you walk. Aside from that, details are surprisingly slim, though we imagine you can also recruit new Peridots as you go.

That's it for our Peridot walking guide! Elsewhere, we've got a Pokémon GO Giovanni counters, so you're ready to battle the Team GO Rocket leader. That's on top of our handy guide to legendary Pokémon in Pokémon GO.

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