Outriders: Legendary List and Best Legendary Farming Routes

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Outriders is the new looter-shooter/RPG from People Can Fly. There’s plenty of weapons, skills and gear to get your hands on as you battle powerful enemies across a ruined landscape. One thing that the game doesn’t explain too well is Legendary Weapons. Currently, there are 46 Legendary Weapons to collect in Outriders, ranging from powerful sniper rifles and shotguns, to elemental pistols and SMGs.

In this guide, we’ll give you a full list of every Legendary Weapon you can get in Outriders, as well as some info on each. Then we’ll take a look at the best Legendary Farming Route so that you can get your supercharged mits on them as quickly as possible.

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Outriders Legendary Weapons List

There are currently 46 Legendary Weapons in Outriders for you to collect and use, with a few more rumoured to be hidden somewhere. It’s likely more will be added in the future, so once we’ve had more time with the game we’ll be able to offer more info and tips on the best ones to build out your loadouts with. Here’s every Legendary Weapon in Outriders:

Aerie Master

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First up is the Aerie Master. It is a legendary pump-action shotgun perfect for those that like to get up-close and personal. Here are the perks that come with it:

  • Weightlessness: Shots inflict Time Rift on enemies. Time Rifts raises the enemy into the air for 5 seconds.
  • Critical Point: Increases the chance of scoring a critical shot by 15 percent.

Amber Vault

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Next up is the Amber Vault. It’s a powerful legendary double gun that is great at mid-range. Here are the perks that you’ll get:

  • Killing Spree: Killing shots increase damage by 30 per cent for this weapon for 30 secs. Bonus deteriorates with time and stacks up to 5 kills.
  • Brain-Eater: Critical shots do not consume ammo.

Golem’s Limb


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The Golem’s Limb is another pump-action shotgun. It’s perfect for taking down Berserker enemies that charge at you. Here are the associated perks:

  • Golem Rising: Killing shots grant you a protective Golem effect for 3 secs.
  • Vampire: Killing shots grant 15 per cent Skill Leech bonus for 20 seconds.

Grim Morrow

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Now let’s take a look at the Grim Marrow. This one is great for mowing down smaller enemies, and for keeping pressure on more bullet-spongey bosses. These perks are available with this gun:

  • Singularity: Killing shots create an Anomaly singularity. When destroyed, the singularity explodes, dealing 458 damage to enemies within a 6.5-meter radius.
  • Improved Stiffening: Shots inflict Slow on enemies. Cooldown of 4 seconds.

Rarog’s Gaze

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Rarog’s Gaze is a legendary rifle that can be used to take out pesky snipers and score headshots on slower enemies. There are some pretty powerful perks too. Check them out below:

  • Weakness Trap: Shots cause explosions, dealing 46 damage and inflicting weakness on enemies within a 5-m radius of the target. Cooldown of 3 seconds.
  • Burning Bullets: Shots inflict burn on enemies. Cooldown of 8 seconds.

The Iceberg

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Now onto the first sniper of the bunch.The Iceberg is seriously powerful, especially at long-range. Getting a headshot will one-shot most enemies. Here are the perks for The Iceberg:

  • Winter Blast: Critical shots create an icy blast that inflicts freeze on enemies within a 4-m radius.
  • Icebreaker: Killing shots against frozen enemies make them explode, dealing 90 damage.

The Migraine

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Our first SMG now, The Migraine is great for crowd control and when covering a retreat. Here are the legendary perks for The Migraine:

  • Ultimate Bleeding Bullets: Shots inflict Bleed on enemies.
  • Bomb's Ahead: Killing shots turn enemies into an Anomaly bomb, dealing 101 damage. Cooldown of 3 secs.


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It’s always good to have an assault rifle somewhere in your team. They’re great all-rounders and can be really effective when paired with the right perks.

  • Ultimate Storm Whip: Shots bring down lightning on an enemy.
  • Vampire: Killing shots grant a temporary boost to ability leech.

Torment & Agony

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This legendary pistol is the best sidearm in the game currently. Perfect for when you’re in a sticky situation and don’t have time to reload. Here are the perks:

  • Judgment Enforcer: Shots mark enemies. When reloading, deal 5 times your weapon damage to every marked enemy. Marks are removed when you change your weapon.
  • Clip Combustion: Reloading weapon creates a shockwave, dealing 25 damage to an enemy within a 5-meter radius.

Voodoo Matchmaker

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The Voodoo Matchmaker is a flaming assault rifle that seriously shreds at mid-range. Here are the associated perks:

  • Ultimate Damage Link: Shots link up to 3 enemies, sharing 30 per cent of their Weapon Damage dealt and 10 per cent of their Anomaly Damage dealt.
  • Vulnerability Bullets: Shots inflict Vulnerable on enemies. Cooldown of 8 seconds.

Legendary Assault Rifles

Here are the Legendary Assault Rifles you can get in Outriders, alongside their Tier 3 Mods.

Absolute Zero - Assault Rifle

Tier 3 Mod: Ultimate Freezing Bullets - shots inflict Freezing on enemies

Heir to the Desert - Assault Rifle

Tier 3 Mod: Sandstorm

Inferno Seed - Assault Rifle

Tier 3 Mod: Wrath of Moloch

Master Tool - AR

Tier 3 Mod: Dome of Protection - Killing shots summon a bullet-stopping dome for 5 seconds

The Juggler - AR

Tier 3 Mod: Scrap Grenade

Time Ripper - AR

T3M: Ultimate Stiffening

Legendary Double Guns

Here's a full list of the Legendary Double Guns you can get in Outriders.


Deadly Disturbance

Lucky Jinx

Ultimate Toxic Bullets

Shelrog's Excrescence

Ultimate Burning Bullets

If you're looking for more on Outriders then be sure to check out our Walkthrough Hub. It's where you'll find all of our guides on the game in one handy place.

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Legendary LMGs

There's a handful of awesome Light Machineguns to try out in Outriders. Here's the full list alongside each gun's Tier 3 Mod.

Damascus Offering

Claymore Turret

Roaring Umbra

Kinetic Stomp

The Reaper

Ultimate Weakening Bullets

Legendary Pistols

Pistols can really save you in a pinch. Here are the Legendary Pistols that you can unlock in Outriders.

Bolt & Thunder

Stings of Gauss - Shots link up to 5 enemies in a 5 meter radius of the target and deal X electric damage to each of them.


Strings of Gauss - Shots link up to 5 enemies in a 5 meter radius of the target and deal X electric damage to each of them.



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Legendary Rifles

Here are the Legendary Rifles you can pick up in Outriders:


Burst of Decay - Critical Shots cause explosions that inflict Toxic on enemies within a 5-metre radius | 1 second.

Molten Eidola

Ravenous Locust - Shots create a swarm of locusts. Dealing damage over 15 seconds and inflicting Weakness to enemies

Twisted Mercy

Ultimate Vulnerability Bullets

Legendary Shotguns

There are many Legendary Shotguns to get your hands on in Outriders. Here's what has been found so far:

Anomaly Effigy

Concentration Blast

Body Snatcher

Body Snatcher

Darkness Charmer

Grand Opening



Enoch's Blessing

Life and Death

Funeral Pyre

Shadow Comet

The Anemoi

Moaning Winds

The Bulwark

Ultimate Anomaly Surge

The Guillotine

Radiation Splash

The High Roller

Embalmer's Rage - Killing Shots trigger Critical hits for the next few seconds

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Legendary SMGs

SMGs are perfect for close-range crowd control. Here's the full list of Submachineguns in Outriders.

Fatal Symboint

Dark Sacrifice

The Daimyo

Ultimate Storm Whip

The Wicker

Ultimate Ashen Bullets

Legendary Sniper Rifles

Finally, we have the Legendary Sniper Rifles. These come with the following tier 3 mods:


Ultimate Anomaly Surge


Mind Mugger

Anomaly Mutation - Shots on enemies afflicted by any status condition multiplicates and mutates it into a different one.

Spirit Hunter

Ultimate Bone Shrapnel

The Headhunter

Burst of Decay - Critical Shots cause explosions that inflict Toxic on enemies within a 5-metre radius | 1 second.

The Landlubber

Legendary Minefield

Best Farming Route for Outriders Legendary Weapons

This method comes courtesy of YouTuber King Raliant, so make sure to check out their full video for more info. The best way to farm legendary weapons in Outriders is to replay the Terra Infirma mission over and over again. You can select this mission from the main menu. Clear out the first lot of enemies, until you get to a bridge. Run past this and look to your right, you will see a small cave where a Captain will spawn. Kill this enemy and the Breachers behind him, and then let yourself die. You can repeat this until you get Legendary drops. Check out the screenshot below for the exact location of the Captain. The trick is to run in as fast as you can and pin the Captain down around the cave.

Other Methods For Getting Legendary Weapons in Outriders

Legendary Weapons are tied to enemy drops and are completely random. Bosses like the Captain mentioned above have a higher drop chance. Make sure you’re on World Tier 10 or higher and replay missions that have bosses and loot chests at the end. Legendary pickups can also spawn from crates at the end of missions.

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That’s everything we know so far about Legendary Weapons in Outriders. For more help with the game be sure to check out our guide on which class to pick. Elsewhere there's our full Outriders Missions List.

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