Outriders: What is the Max World Tier?

Outriders just launched, giving players a chance to check out the game. There's a lot to do, including a prologue and starting area that will test you and your squad's cover-based shooting prowess. One thing that's not made too clear is what the max World Tier is in Outriders. We'll answer that in this guide, alongside some brief info on how world tiers work in general.

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What is the Max World Tier in Outriders?

The maximum World Tier in Outriders is World Tier 15. It'll take you a while to reach this point, what with enemies getting increasingly harder as the tiers increase. You'll get better loot as this happens though, which is worth the pain of facing down harder enemies.

What is the Max Character Level?

Character level and World Tier are slightly different, but both have an influence on how hard the game is. As your character levels up, you will have access to better gear, but will also notice enemies scaling in difficulty to match you. The maximum character level cap is level 40 in Outriders.

Outriders menu screen showing the World Tiers available to the player
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How to Change World Tier

You can change the World Tier in Outriders at any point outside a main encounter. Go to the pause menu and select 'World Tier'. From here, you can swap between all unlocked tiers. You'll unlock higher World Tiers as you level up and progress through the story. To make sure you're always on the highest possible tier, select the 'Auto set highest tier' option in this menu. You can see this in the screenshot above. If you're finding things a bit too hard, try a lower tier or bring in some friends. If you want more of a challenge then crank up the tier, you'll automatically get better loot drops for doing so.

That's how World Tiers work in Outriders. For more on the game be sure to stay tuned for more guides on Gfinity once Outriders launches on April 1. The demo itself is available until then, so jump in and try it out before spending your hard-earned cash.

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