Outriders Classes: Which Class to Pick?

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Outriders features four main classes that all play slightly differently. You get the choice to specialise in a class after the game’s prologue, and you should put some thought into how you want to play. To help you make this decision we’ve put together this Outriders Classes guide. We’ll detail each class and then take a look at what the best class is at the moment.

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Outriders Classes

There are four classes to choose from in Outriders, with the option to specialise each one as you earn and spend Class Points. Each one is slightly different, offering a different set of skills and highlighting a specific playstyle. Here are the four classes along with a brief explanation on each.

  • Devastator - essentially a tank class focusing on close-range combat.
  • Technomancer - long-range, thrives with snipers and can lay down gadgets that focus on supporting fire.
  • Trickster - close-range but less tanky than the devastator. Essentially focused on moving in, hitting hard and then warping to safety.
  • Pyromancer - great at medium range. Focus on fire attacks and spells.


Let’s start off by looking at the Devastator class. It’s a pretty standard tank build that excels at close-range combat. Maximum health and armour are boosted here, making the tank perfect for drawing fire away from the squad. Don’t worry about getting hit either, you gain a lot of health back for every kill you do at close range, making this the perfect class for putting pressure on bosses. Here are the three skills that come with the Devastator at the start of the game:

  1. Earthquake - Release a shockwave to deal damage and interrupt all enemies it hits.
  2. Golem - Negates 65% of incoming damage for 8 seconds after activation.
  3. Gravity Leap - A huge ground slam attack that deals damage and Interrupts enemies.

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The Technomancer is best used at long range, with a bonus applied to long range kills. Technomancers can gain health back with each hit, with added skill leech and weapon leech. Skills have a quick cooldown, making this class perfect for providing support. Here are the first three skills you’ll unlock.

  1. Shrapnel - A proximity grenade that deals damage and Interrupts enemies
  2. Cryo Turret - freezes enemies in place, perfect for bosses.
  3. Pain Launcher - A missile launcher turret that fires a barrage of bombs. Can Interrupt enemies.

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The Pyromancer is all about fire damage. It’s a skill-focused class that allows you to mark enemies and gain health back for each kill. It’s best used at mid-range, dipping in and out of the fight to inflict burn damage. Here are the first three skills you can unlock:

  1. Heatwave - a fiery blast that deals damage and inflicts Burn.
  2. Feed the Flames - Pulls an enemy towards the player, drains health and inflicts the Ash status.
  3. Thermal Bomb - Mark an enemy to inflict Burn to. Damage will be dealt, and if killed, this enemy will explode.

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The Trickster is a really awesome class that’s both agile and powerful. It doesn’t have the health focus of other classes, so you’ll need to be retreating often. Close-range kills regenerate the shield and add some health, giving you the opportunity to reposition. Here are the first skills you will unlock.

  1. Temporal Blade - Deals damage and inflicts Slow and Interrupt.
  2. Slow Trap - Inflicts Slow on enemies and projectiles for 10 seconds
  3. Hunt the Prey - Teleport behind an enemy and boost shields.

Can You Change Your Class?

Once you have chosen a class there’s no going back. You can set up a new character if you want, with 6 maximum allowed in the game currently. You’ll want to make sure you know what you’re getting into with each class, though given that Outriders is a relatively short game you should try to experiment with new classes if you’d like.

What’s the Best Class?


The question of which class is best in Outriders is a difficult one to answer. Ultimately it boils down to your personal play style, though there are classes that are better in certain circumstances. If you are playing solo we recommend you go with the Devastator. You’ll be able to take on enemies head on, without needing to worry too much about healing and support. When playing in a team, give the Trickster a try. It’s a really agile class that’s great for providing support. Slowing enemies so that your teammates can land headshots is a great strategy, and the teleport will make sure you’re always a part of the fight.

That’s all you need to know about the four classes in Outriders. For more help with the game be sure to take a look at our tips and tricks guide. Elsewhere there’s our guide on setting up crossplay.