Outriders Crossplay: How to Enable Crossplay

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Outriders let’s players squad up in teams of three, with each player showcasing their unique set of skills and gear. Crossplay is enabled at launch, which is a welcomed change given some multiplayer games have yet to adopt this as standard. Crossplay can be used to link up with other players regardless of the platform they’re on. Here’s how crossplay works in Outriders.


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How to Play Outriders Using Crossplay

Outriders now has crossplay turned on by default, a change from the demo version. Because of this you just need to create a game lobby for players you want to play with. You can then use the game codes to link up. Crossplay is available on all platforms.


How to Turn Off Crossplay

If you’d rather stick to playing with players on your own platform in Outriders you’ll need to head into the options menu to turn it off. There’s a slider that turns crossplay on or off. It’s on by default so head in if you want crossplay disabled.

That’s all you need to know about Crossplay in Outriders. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on the Legendary Weapons we’ve unlocked so far.