Tower of Fantasy Twitch drops - what do you get and how do you get them

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October 20, 2022: Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update is live! With it comes new Twitch Drops!

If you're getting into the brand new shared open world RPG, Tower of Fantasy, then you want to get as much of an advantage as you can early on. There's plenty of things that you can do to get ahead, but one you might not think about is taking advantage of Tower of Fantasy Twitch drops.


Tower of Fantasy is most likely to be compared to Genshin Impact, due to it's Anime focused art style and open world exploration. Tower of Fantasy though has a faster combat pacing and more multiplayer features. The game is tied together though by an all too familiar gacha system.

If you're looking for more methods to get yourself a really good head start, then we have a few other guides for you. First up is our Tower of Fantasy reroll guide, to help you reroll your account. The second is our Tower of Fantasy codes guide, which will give you some more freebies.

When can I get Tower of Fantasy Twitch drops?

The campaign for Tower of Fantasy Twitch drops is set. The campaign runs from October 20, 2022 through October 27, 2022. It starts at 4 AM CST on the 20th, and ends at 4 AM CST on the 27th.


How do I get Tower of Fantasy Twitch drops?

Now in order to get the Tower of Fantasy Twitch Drops, it's fairly straightforward.

  • Head over to the Twitch Drops page, and locate the Tower of Fantasy section.
  • Connect your Tower of Fantasy account to your Twitch account.
  • Locate a participating Twitch stream that has Drops enabled
  • Hang out for four hours to earn all the possible rewards.
  • After the four hours, head back to the Twitch Drops inventory page, and claim your rewards.

What do I get in the Tower of Fantasy Twitch Drops?

There are five total Twitch drops that you can get for Tower of Fantasy. Here is what you get and for how long you have stay watching a channel to get that reward.

  • 30 minutes: Vera Wanderer Title and Purple Nucleus
  • 1 Hour: 50 Dark Crystal and SR Relic Selection Box
  • 2 Hours: 100 Dark Crystal and SR Relic Selection Box
  • 3 Hours: Gold Nucleus and SR Relic Selection Box
  • 4 hours: Red Nucleus and Raging Sands border

Once you've claimed these, they will show up in your inbox in game, where you can claim them.

And that's all that we have for you! As more Twitch drops events come up for the game, we'll keep you posted on what's in those drops and how to get them. While you're here, if you're looking for more information about Tower of Fantasy, be sure to check out our Tower of Fantasy weapon tier list, as well as our guide for one of the best Tower of Fantasy characters with our Samir build guide ready for launch.